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Worst Jobs Available Today

Are you looking for a job? Are you not particular about its nature? Then you can apply for any of these jobs. They actually have good pay.

This collection of jobs will give us insight to the people who are responsible for the beauty and comfort that we have today. Which of these jobs would you prefer to have?

Portable Toilet Cleaner


Your best friends for this job are a tank and a vacuum wand. Insert the wand into the toilet and make sure that everything ends up in the tank. You can actually make up to $50k a year if you can stand to clean up to 60 toilets a day.

Bicycle Brick Carrier


In rural areas where access to cars and trucks are not available, men are dependent on bicycles. Some will balance the bricks on their heads for the job but having a bicycle will allow you to balance more bricks to transport.

Sumo Uniform Adjuster


We cannot leave this job to the sumo wrestlers because their body won’t allow them to do so. So somebody has to do it, or else they’ll end up naked during the game. So how do you feel about the job?

Horse Semen Collector


Valuable horses, especially those for racing, needs to breed with other horses. A semen collector’s job is to collect the goods from the horse and be paid up to $20k depending on the breed. It seems to be good pay but there are still dangers in the performance of the job.

Dildo Maker


These don’t just arrive in the market without people actually making them. So if you find yourself a master of pleasure, this could be the job for you.

Knife Thrower’s Assistant


No one will debate the dangers of this job. You are always at risk of being hit as you remain still. Trust is essential in this job though it does not minimize the risk.

Electrical Power-Line Installer / Repairer


The job is supposed to be fine because only those who have enough knowledge will do it. However, with all the lines tangling without order, danger always awaits. You can make between $40k and $60k with this job.

Armpit Sniffer


A good pay of about $50k a year awaits you. Your job is simply to smell armpits to check the effectiveness of deodorant. Of course, you also have to smell them before the deodorant is applied so you can make a progress report as to how much of the odor was reduced.

Septic Tank Servicer / Sewer Pipe Cleaner


Your job is to clean and maintain tanks, pipes, lines, or drains. Sometimes you even repair or replace anything that was damaged in the process of cleaning and maintaining. And your pay is between $24k and $36k.

Toilet Transporter


If these toilets are orders that you have to deliver, then it is fine transporting them. But if you have to transport them anywhere and find someone to buy them, then you’re likely a Ghostbuster walking around in daylight.

Derby photographers


Forget about the dust and the danger because all you have to do is get close and personal. Your goal is to capture the best photo in order to present good material.

Grave Digger


The good thing is that you’re not digging it for yourself. Be a friend to the machinery, buckets, scoops and shovels that you will use for this job. And of course, be a friend to your neighbors in the workplace, the dead.

Target Stabilizer


If you are capable of remaining calm even in the face of difficult situations, then this job can be yours. Do not make any sudden movements and pray that those who shoot will always make it on the board.

Stun Gun Tester


If you are capable of resisting pain, then you can work here. Your pay ranges from $25k to $49k. Your job is simply become a target in testing stun guns. Does it sound exciting at all?

Snow Roof Removal


Your job is to help people get rid of snow on their roof. The purpose is to eliminate extra weight caused by snow and to prevent ice dams from forming. Average salary for the job is about $40k. The role is usually part of the Maintenance Technician’s job description to make sure a facility or property is in good condition. Just imagine how cool this job is, literally.

Elephant Trainer


Some zoos and circuses actually need elephant trainers to teach the giant animals in understanding and following commands and behaviors. They need this for the presentations or shows that include elephants.

Bridge Painter


Get paid up to $40k with your painting skills. But you must not be afraid of heights, say 600 feet above moving traffic. This job just looks so cool especially if you are also a fan of taking selfies.

Crocodile Feeder


Feeding crocs is not about throwing meat directly in the cage because it gives to intermission to the visitors. You can add some thrill and allow the crocs to jump for its food. Just make sure you don’t dive into the cage.

Elephant Dung Collector / Inspector


Earn about $20k per year by simply collecting or inspecting elephant dung. Aside from the fact that this could be good fertilizer, there are more uses of elephant dung. It can be used as a mosquito repellant, pain killer, coffee, beer and more.

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