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Women Find Men With Full Beards Less Attractive, Study Finds


It’s “No Shave November,” the month where the manliest men challenge themselves (for some reason) to avert from shaving and let their beards grow like the resentment their girlfriends feel every time they engage in some make-out session.

Unfortunately, it turns out, men with full beards are rated as the most unattractive by women.

Last year, researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia conducted a study that explored how facial hair in men play in their sexual attractiveness and masculinity.

The study was participated by 8,520 women, who were grouped into three. The groups were given photos of men with varying types of facial hair – clean shaven, light stubble or unshaven for five days, heavy stubble or those that haven’t shaved for 10 days and a fully-grown beard that would put Santa Claus to shame.

The groups of women were asked questions, rating the men’s sex appeal.

As published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, men who sported heavy stubble were perceived as the sexiest among the group, followed by those who had short stubble facial hair.

Meanwhile, those with fully grown beards and those with a clean shave were rated the lowest in the overall attractiveness scale.

Meanwhile, the participants also identified men with a light stubble to be most desirable when it comes to one-night stands or short-term affairs.

On the other hand, men who had full beards and heavy stubble were perceived to be desirable when it comes to long-term relationships, this, the authors theorized, is because men who had more facial hair “indicates a male’s stability to compete for resources.”

So are you looking for a long-term relationship or a one-night hook-up? Better think about that beard, then.

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