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Woman Arrested After Being Found Eating Cheetos Naked In Someone Else’s Tub

A pack of Cheetos, a bathtub with warm water, hey, thrown in a bath bomb for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a pampering night in. But for one woman arrested in Louisiana, it was just unfortunate that she had to break in a house to be able to take a soak and some snacks.

Evelyn Washington was arrested by Monroe Police after an unnamed woman called in at around 5pm Tuesday and found the 29-year old soaking in her tub and eating Cheetos, with another full meal resting on the toilet.

The police report added that when the homeowner confronted Evelyn, she said that an unknown man ‘told her to break in,’ but police haven’t concluded yet whether Evelyn had just planned to raid the kitchen and soak in the tub, or if she just got distracted from another purpose for breaking in, like robbery.

Police however; found a broken window with a tall ice chest underneath, which is probably how Evelyn broke into the home.

The Internet however, had thoughts on the matter:

But just look at that demeanor. She clearly doesn’t give a hoot what we think.

But even if she was caught orange-handed, we’re willing to bet Evelyn had a pretty solid few hours of quality ‘me time.’

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