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5 Valentine’s Gift For Her That Isn’t A Bouquet Of Roses

Yeah, yeah, when we think of Valentine’s gift for her, it’s always a bouquet of roses. But what if you’ve given her a million bouquets this year including a few flowers from your neighbor’s backyard and the centerpiece in your best friend’s wedding? What now?

Well, you need new ideas and it has to be creative! An ingenious gift will 100% bring a smile on her face on V-day, enough to get you V-deep in bed, if you know what we mean.

Here are 5 gift ideas you should consider giving your number 1 girl on Valentine’s Day.

Bath Bombs


Instead of a box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box, give her heart-shaped bath bombs instead. Bath bombs are all the rage for women right now, with Instagram-famous beauty bloggers and reviewers showing exactly how it works – an explosion of colors, bubbles and scents in your girl’s tub. She’ll love this so much, you just might get an invitation to hop in the tub.

Luxurious Robe


Your girl works hard just like you and so much more! So when she climbs into bed, she deserves to feel like royalty, even with her clothes on. Gift her with this luxurious robe with lace trimmed bell sleeves and she’ll feel like Kate Middleton in an instant.

Make-Up Organizer


Does your girlfriend’s make-up roll around her vanity desk drawer? Why don’t you make things easier for her and give her this wood make-up organizer? This can hold all of her lipsticks and make-up brushes, saving a lot of her time (and yours, too) when she’s preparing to go out.

Customized Travel Mug


This insulated travel mug can keep her coffee warm and sexy all morning (depending on the text you’re going to put there). You can have your own name printed on it, just in case she forgets your name. It’s one way to repel guys hitting on her at the gym, too!

Polaroid Camera


Is your girlfriend creative and artistic? She’d love this vintage polaroid camera! Give her real Instagram-worthy photos and throw in a scrap book too, if she’s into that kind of stuff. Trust us, she’ll have tons of your pictures in her room in no time.

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