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15 Things Men should understand about Women

Women are a puzzle to every man. Which means every man should put in some effort to understand how women think to live harmoniously with the ladies. It has never been easy to accomplish this but for some of the ones who did, they are living an easier life with their partners. Men should be patient and creative enough in dealing with women. After all, a good relationship with a woman is worth all the efforts of every man.

She feels very good to take off her bra at the end of the day


Women have been using bra from the start of their puberty. They also spend a lot of time choosing one that fits them the best. Sometimes, women keeps feeling that they do not have enough bra to wear and switch around that they buy a lot until they some bras as excess and don’t even use. However, this does not mean they always enjoy wearing bras. Bra limits the movement of their breast and some bras may be too tight or too loose that it may cause pain in that area. That is why it always feel great for women to remove it after the end of the day. You can relate to this with the feeling you get after you remove your socks however, the relief women feel from removing their bra may be a greater than that.

She says fine even if she is not


I’m fine” may be one of the most common lie said by women. Sometimes they mean it but most often, they say it to mask what they actually feel. On the positive side, they are only trying to be the nice by avoiding a confrontation or setting it for better timing at a later time. However most men actually wants women to be more direct in what they think, feel or mean.

She never considers catcalling as cute or a compliment


When a man compliments a woman on her looks, especially on her physical traits, most often than not they get offended. Meanwhile, receiving the same compliments from one of her “girl” friends they take it as such. It is only a few times that you a get a good reaction from complimenting their looks and it always depends on how she trusts or loves/likes you and her mood at the time.

Their bras can cost be very expensive


If they only purchase a pair of bra or two, and it will reflect on how much they can wear for a week or even in a day. Most women prefer variety for different occasions and the cost can stack up that you can’t believe what they are paying for their much needed apparel.

Buying jeans is like stepping into hell and ends up with one the same with the others


Buying jeans with women is never the one that a man expect it to be. Women would search from piles of jeans with the same waistline. They go after piles and piles of jeans and fitting after fitting. And at the end of the entire strict process, women end up buying the same pair of jeans as any other they have gone through or already have in their closet, as men see it.

She uses too many pillows


Even if the couch you have is the most comfortable one that you could ever have, women still likes to add pillows to the mix. They may be trying to be as cozy and comfortable as much as they can have it to be.

She needs another shirt/dress/pair of shoes even if she already has the same thing


If she loves striped shirt, then expect her to have too many of them even if most of them looks mostly the same as the others. This is also true with their dress, pair of shoes, bags, and more.

She takes too much time to do eye makeup


Most men really do not really understand or share this struggle, as most men do not feel the need to apply even the tiniest bit of makeup in their face. Applying makeup to her eyes takes long simply because you cannot easily draw a line very close to the lash line and do the same on both eyes.

She takes a selfie and it doesn’t end there


Taking a photo maybe is very easy with our latest mobile technology but for women, it doesn’t end with just taking a single photo. She also needs to apply more filtering and adjustments until she feels that the photo is perfect and/or just right.

Period pain is real and never a joke


Men have no idea how painful this regular and periodic moment for every women in the planet is. It also annoying for the women, not just men, that it affects their mood, appetite and energy every time their period occurs.

She often asks if she looks fat


Do I look fat? This is the most common question asked by women not only to their partners but also to their friends sometimes family. Most women care what they appear to others and will not be comfortable unless others, especially their partner will assure them that they look fine or good.

Romantic comedies are seriously life-giving


Romantic comedies easily trigger the emotions of women. Many men do not understand how most women enjoy this type of movies as most see it as ridiculous or just boring. If you are one of them, try watching more of these flicks and imagine being the main character of the movie. That is how most women like to think when enjoying these movies.

She needs a lot of products in the bathroom


Women likes to have a lot of beauty items available in the bathroom. They consider every type of beauty product to be completely different from each other that they feel the need to own even at least one for each kind out there.

Girl drama


Because most women can be so sensitive, their life can be like a drama. The kind of drama they play isn’t always what men know how to handle. Men usually just don’t understand the need of it.

Leggings, pantyhose, tights


What really is the difference between leggings, pantyhose and tights? Most men are actually calling them interchangeably.

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