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Understanding Women: Decoding Her 25 Words To Stay Out Of Trouble


They say “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Sometimes the differences between sexes lead them to misunderstanding each other. Every man who has ever had a girlfriend has experienced getting mixed signals and words from their girl, which often leads to arguments.

You may learn all the languages in the world but when you can’t understand the meaning behind every woman’s word, it’s useless.

Here are some simple words that women say that might have a different meaning.




This never means the literal meaning of “nothing.” Sometimes “nothing” means there’s something bothering her but she doesn’t want to discuss it at the moment. A word of caution: When women say “nothing” after initially hesitating to open their mouths, there will always be a backlash on you – she’s just trying to find the right words and time to do it.


“Do I look fat in this?”

When your girl asks you this question, your answer should always be “NO.” By asking this question, your woman simply wants to know if she doesn’t look good in a certain piece of clothing. Of course, if the clothes really don’t fit her, it always pays to be honest. However, you might want to choose your words carefully and instead, suggest a different dress or clothes.


“Go ahead!”

Did she say “go ahead” right after you asked if you could go to the club with the guys? Don’t celebrate just yet. Sometimes, women utter these words as a dare, like: “Go ahead! I dare you to party without me”. However, there are rare women out there who actually mean what they say. If you’ve found one like that, never let her go.



It isn’t just a “no” but it is actually a big “NO”. Women don’t need to explain; you don’t need to ask why. It is just a no and you just need to listen and do as she says if you want to have some peace of mind for the day.



Finally, it’s a “yes”! But, in most cases, it’s still a “no” (unless you’re asking her to marry you). This is especially applicable when you’re both faced with a decision-making problem and she doesn’t like a solution you’re proposing.



In our natural language, “maybe” means either a “yes” or a “no” depending on the situation. But in women-speak, a “maybe” is leaning towards a “no”. Don’t ask us – women speak a complicated language.


“It would be nice if…”

This is never a suggestion so you don’t need to weigh things. In fact, this is a friendly way of giving you an order. Remember that everything following the word “if” is always intended to give you an order, not a suggestion.



“Fine” is most likely her way of saying “I’m done”. No more arguments; no more explanations. And the worst part is that you lost. You cannot expect any conversation in the near future. You are like the only person in Lost Springs.


“It is okay…”

Have you ever asked your girl “is it okay if…” followed by a not-so-favorable statement? You can almost always expect her answer to be a “No, it is never okay”. Most likely, what she is trying to tell you is that she needs time — time to figure out what punishment is best for you.


“Are you listening?”

She isn’t asking you if you already are a good listener! Make sure to lend your ear whenever she starts talking (or nagging). You’ll only get into more trouble if you don’t.


“It’s up to you…”

This doesn’t always mean that you have the freedom to do what you want. Usuallt, this means: “It’s up to you…to make the right choice. I’m not gonna tell you which the right one is, but you better know because I know.”


*A loud sigh*

Is she speechless? No. This only means she has so much to say but can’t figure out which one to say first. A sigh is like a message of frustration and disappointment. If it can be translated, it is likely to mean “I can’t believe I have to stand here and put up with your stupidity.”


“5 minutes…”


One thing is sure, “5 minutes” doesn’t really mean 5 minutes. If she is getting dressed for an event, 5 minutes actually means 30 and 40 minutes. But, if you are watching TV or simply doing nothing, 5 minutes is actually 0 minutes. So, the next time she says “5 minutes”, prepare to have your patience tested.




“Whatever” is almost the same as saying “Fine.” The word “whatever” is mostly used to end an argument so your girl can walk away. Sometimes, a loud sigh is also added to the package. So, every man has to try his best to avoid this scenario.



She literally means saying “thank you.” As a gentleman, you have to say “you’re welcome” in response.


“Thanks a lot!”

This is the opposite of “thanks.” This does not need a “you’re welcome” reply, instead, you need to find cover – bullet will shower you right after.


“Don’t worry about it.”

This sounds assuring but sometimes, it isn’t what you are thinking. She is considering a certain move or action to resolve a certain problem or situation. When she says this, it’s most likely because you failed to do something about the situation in the first place and she now has to clean up your mess.


“We can go anywhere you want.”

“We can go anywhere you want” actually means anywhere she wants.


“We need to talk.”

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents told you that they need to talk to you? That conversation may be about your failing grades or the birds and the bees. Well, when your girl tells you “we need to talk”, it’s nothing compared to the talk you had with your parents. It usually means you are going to have a long-winded and stressful conversation. Mind you: it could get ugly.


“What are you doing?”

She isn’t actually asking you what you’re doing so don’t reply to her with something obvious. You don’t need to make lots of explanations, too. A lot of times, women say “what are you doing?” is because you’re doing something wrong and most likely, they will try to correct the situation.


“Do you have to do this now?”

Again, this is not a question for you to answer. This is also her way of telling you to stop what you are doing. Yes, stop it right away or prepare for the storm.


“You have to learn to communicate.”

You have to know that when she says “communication”, it isn’t about you expressing or sharing your points. Communication is all about what she wants to hear or to see. When you communicate with her, it means you have to agree with her.


“I’m not upset.”

She is upset. She is telling you the opposite because she doesn’t want to bother you. She’s upset and you better start praying that it wasn’t because of you.


“We need…”

When she says this, it’s most likely because she needs it. It could be anything simple like new bed sheets or new restaurants to visit. Either way, when you give her what she needs, expect to reap amazing rewards.


“I don’t want to talk about it.”

She is telling you this not because she wants to forget it, but because she wants you to prepare your defense. As of now,she wants you to stop talking about a certain problem or issue because she is yet to establish proof against you. This is especially true with cheating or trust issues. Gather some defense now because you will be surprise when she suddenly opens the case and render you guilty.

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