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This Photographer Makes Cats Look Like They’re Know Martial Arts

Photographers all need a signature style, or subject they can practice on to develop a style they can call their own, and while not one person can certainly lay claim to cats or martial arts, Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki can atleast say he makes it look like the two belong together.

Cats are very secretive creatures, and for all we know they could be plotting world domination right under our noses.  

As with any war, it would make good sense to develop your combat skills.

Thankfully, self-described cat photographer Hiroyuki catches our feline friends in their finer, more graceful moments as they fine-tune their hand-to-paw combat skills and make up for all the times they looked like idiots in front of humans: you know, when they’re bumping into walls, falling off of shelves and perches, or fighting with a cardboard box.

If you think the grace of dance has no place in martial arts, think again:


A good spring attack may come in handy during kitten ambushes:


In combat, you watch your own back:


Look at that axe-kick precision!

Doesn’t he look like he’s practicing to catch an arrow mid-flight?

While we’re sure the cats would have wanted to look a little more intimidating practicing their martial arts to utilize in the eventual downfall of the human race against them, Hiroyuki’s bright, dreamy style of shooting makes the little furballs look like pleasant senior citizens out on a tai-chi exercise session at the local park.

Our now favorite cat photographer also has a book of his favorite subject matter up for sale on Amazon’s Japan website, just so you have something a little more solid of his work to have and to hold.

Unless you know Japanese though, it might help to copy-paste this on your Amazon search bar: “のら猫拳”.

Keep up with Hiroyuki on his Instagram or on Twitter.

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