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These BreakUp Texts Are A Nightmare For Happy Couples

break up

Happy couples, stay out! We have listed down a handful of awkward break-up texts that may give you ideas.

Sometimes relationships can be so good that we never think about when or how or if it will end. But when it does, it’s difficult to cope. It’s even harder if a person breaks up with you over the phone or via text message! Luckily for us, the happy singletons, these awkward break-up texts could be a great source of entertainment.

Have you ever been dumped through text? Or maybe you’ve broken up with someone and received an awkwardly hilarious response? Send the screenshots below!


1. When A Typo Ruins The Moment

break-up 1

That would’ve been dramatic if not for the autocorrect, damn it.


2. Cause Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

break-up 2
Awkward Level = 999.


3. When He Or She Just Can’t Take A Hint

break-up 3
Would have saved a lot of time if he/she said “it’s over” from the very beginning.


4. When He Breaks Your Heart So You Burn His Stuff

break-up 4
*Read this conversation while listening to a Rihanna or Beyonce song.


5. Psych!

break-up 5

And that’s why break-ups should be done in person. You just can’t always be sure what anyone’s talking about in text messages.


6. Break-Ups + Art = Classic

break-up 6
Never answer “So” when an ex states your shortcomings. Especially if you’re trying to get back with that person.


7. Magic Tricks Are All You Need

break-up 7

Because no magic could fix a broken heart, babe. Only sarcastic text messages.


8. This Person’s Hair Is The Devil

break-up 8

Yes, it’s your hair. Your hair is tempting. Stay away from me!
*Pulls out a crucifix and a Bible.


9. How To Get Caught In 30 Seconds

break-up 9


10. Getting Mad Because Of Cheating Is ‘Too Dramatic’?

break-up 10

Guess it’s alright cause she took “Plan B,” huh?


11. Lesson Learned: Never Text An Ex Unless You Wanna Get Slayed

break-up 11
Please apply water on the burned area.


12. All You Need Are Emojis

break-up 12
You don’t even need to say anything to break up with someone anymore.

Ever had a bad break-up through text message? Or have you broken someone’s heart through any social media platform? Was it as awkward as the conversations above? Take a screen shot of your conversation and share it with us. Maybe you can laugh with us, too!

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