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Why Your Skin Affects Your Career And How You Can Make It Better

There are four things a man should pay attention to: His goals, his relationships, his contribution to the world and his skin.


It’s not rocket science. Having bad skin can have a bad effect on your life. Most companies these days don’t just look at your resume when you’re applying for a high-flying job. They take in your community efforts, your family orientation and your physical appearance.


I had a cousin who had a dazzling resume who got cut from a list of boring applicants because he wore the wrong socks to a job interview. It happens.


So for a guy who just wants to have the best things in life, including having the best skin, listen up to these tips to prevent breakouts and other skin problems.


Take A Look At Your Hair Products


While most of us don’t mind washing our hair with a shower gel without any sort of conditioner, that might become a cause for a breakout. There are “bad” hair products ourt there. You know, the kind that don’t do their job of cleaning our hair and scalp.


When you sweat, your hair product may drip down your face (without you even realizing it). So if you still have oil and dirt up there, pretty sure it’s going straight to your face. Or if you use hair products that have high chemical or alcohol content, that could irritate your face, too.


You Don’t Exfoliate


Exfoliation does magic to your face – women have been telling this to us for centuries because it’s true. If you’re like me, who’s go dull, dry and flaky skin, exfoliating is your best remedy. It sloughs off dead skin that your ordinary soap or facial wash may not be able to do.


You Don’t Eat Right


What you eat reflects your overall complexion. That’s because our skin cells need certain minerals that will keep them healthy and supple. How about skipping a few bottles of beer for a few days, stack up on some green, leafy vegetables and fruits? You’ll see how it will improve your skin.


You’re Using The Wrong Razor


A lot of things could do wrong when you shave. And a lot of times, disaster comes when you have the wrong kind of razor. Chuck your old razor blades in the trash and replace them with sharp, clean and new ones. Bacteria can accumulate on old razor blades, which may contribute to a skin breakout. So, always replace them after for uses.



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