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Shaquille O’Neal Gets Out Of A Shark Situation

Shaquille O’ Neal gets out of one hell of a Jaws-esque situation!

Discover Channel decided to kick off their annual Shark Week  features with one of the most enigmatic athletes-slash-celebrities out there, and were they all in for one hell of a toothy surprise!

After a hilarious promo for the educational TV celebration of all things shark, Shaquille O’Neal signed on as the official host for the week  with Shaq Does Shark Week and apparently, it was the basketball star’s first time to get into the water with sharks.

He admits that sharks are one of his fears, and hopes to conquer it by doing the challenge.

The former NBA star teamed up with comedian Rob Riggle for the adventure, which turned out to be more intense than they would have ever thought.

While submerged in his custom built, 12 feet tall by 6 feet wide ‘Shaq Cage,’ seven-foot plus Shaq came face-to-face with a  small shark (it’s still a shark!!) that had found an opening in the cage and wiggled it’s way in: probably curious, probably hungry; you never know! Sharks satiate their curiosity by having a bit of a bite of whatever is interesting them.

Luckily for Shaq, professional marine biologists watching him moved swiftly to separate (both equally distressed!) human from fish in the enclosure before things got out of hand.

After the hair-raising encounter, you still got to hand it to Shaq, who went back in the cage to enjoy more of nature’s beauty and power.

We dare say that he rebounded nicely.

“I survived a shark attack, you bitches!” O’Neal said after leaving the water.

You can watch the entire episode here, along with more footage featuring some of your favorite entertainers who are daredevils and adrenaline junkies at heart.

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