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7 Social Media Commandments Every Couple Should Follow

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Social media is very influential. Millions of people around the world are into it; some even have multiple accounts in various social media sites. However, the use of social media is significantly different for couples.

Sometimes, couples may be very expressive of their feelings on social media, flooding their profiles with sweet photos and statuses. Inversely, arguments and fights may also occur; involving anyone who can read your statuses and comments into what’s supposed to be a private affair. This could pose a problem and thus, calls for caution when using social media. Of course, we won’t need to be like Justin Bieber who ended up deactivating his Instagram account.

Here are some social media tips couples should follow that could either make or break their relationship.

On Liking Photos

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Did your significant other get a new haircut or a new outfit and posted it online? You have to personally click that “Like” button. Studies have shown that a supportive relationship lasts longer than unsupportive ones and as weird as it may sound, a simple Facebook “Like” is a sign of support.

Incidentally, you also have to take caution in liking other people’s photos because there is now a way to discover the photos your significant other has liked, even without signing in to his or her account.

All you have to do is type “photos liked by (your partner’s Facebook name)” on the search bar and voila! His or her likes will now be revealed.


Ask Before You Post

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It may be too funny, but do not post photos unless you have the permission to. Don’t be a monster. Learn to be sensitive enough to what your partner will feel after you share his or her photo to the entire world. Mutual respect is the foundation of a strong relationship.


Know Your Angles

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Save time from editing or filtering your photos by learning your angles in selfies. Through this, you can minimize capturing photos which are not as presentable as you wish. Plus, you can look like the cute couple that you are in real life.


Ever Heard Of “Instagram Husband”?

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Most women are fond of Instagram – it’s where they can post photos of their selfies, the delicious food they eat or the beautiful places they have been to. When you visit a particular place of interest, don’t be surprised if she asks you to take solo photos of herself. Men who do this are called “Instagram Husbands” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may sound unfair but in your partner’s eyes, you are being supportive. However, if this makes you uncomfortable, you should let your partner know how you feel.


Self-Initiated Hashtags

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So a hashtag (#)? Hashtags (#) are used to search for posts of similar topics from different people. However, some couples tend to initiate their own hashtags that may only be significant to them both. This is why you should never use a hashtag which only the two of you will recognize. Use the hashtags that are searchable by anybody. It is one way to make your posts visible to anyone from any place. It is also one way to show your love to the world if you wish to.


Reply To Messages First

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Before posting statuses or liking photos on social media, make sure you’ve replies to your partner’s text messages or personal IMs first. A lot of couples fight over this on social media because it leaves the impression that one is prioritizing his or her social media over his or her relationship.


Don’t Fight Online

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Don’t publicize your fights and arguments by posting it on social media. Involving other people that may or may not care about your relationship only aggravates the situation. Instead of posting inflammatory statuses or photos, why not communicate to each other or talk it over in person? Fights between couples is a private affair and should not be revealed via social media.

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