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10 of the World’s Scariest Stalkers


One of the scariest problems that famous people face is the existence of an individual stalking them either online or offline. Stalkers have the tendency to become aggressive and to send threats against their subjects. These helpless subjects are usually celebrities or anybody known to the public.

This list presents 10 stalkers who have taken their stalking activities to another level.

Robert John Bardo


In July 1989, Robert John Bardo single-handedly killed the scarlet actress Rebecca Schaeffer, star of the hit sitcom My Sister Sam. Bardo shot the actress in the chest after he was asked to leave the actress’ residence where he asked for an autograph. Reports revealed that Bardo started stalking Schaeffer in 1986 and hired a private investigator to locate her residence before the incident.

Jamie Calloway


Jamie Calloway can be easily identified as the woman with a forehead tattoo that reads GOD. She’s also known as “Jamie Godhead Platinum.” Calloway was arrested back in 2012 after her stalking of a female corrections officer ended up in violence. She called the woman, sent her packages and even slashed her tires.

John Hinckley Jr


John Hinckley Jr is the man who took stalking to the next level. He even drove to Washington, DC to shoot US President Ronald Reagan and his entourage. The shooting was Hinckley’s promise to actress Jodie Foster whom he was stalking. Hinckley planned the assassination to prove Foster of his intention to win her heart. Before the incident, the suspect enrolled in Yale University where Foster pursued her education.

Luis Plascencia


Photo of model Kourtney Reppert

Model Kourtney Reppert received various Facebook emails wishing for her death. All of these threats were from her stalker, 47-year old Luis Plascencia. The threats in Plascencia’s messages made the FBI track him down in Chicago and arrest him.

Robert O’Ryan


Photo of Shawn Johnson

Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With the Stars contestant Shawn Johnson once had a 36-year old stalker named Robert O’Ryan. In March 2009, O’Ryan drove from Florida to California to stalk Johnson. He even tried to break onto the set of the reality dance competition to reach Johnson. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested and the authorities recovered a loaded shotgun, loaded handgun, duct tape, and love letters.

Pradeep Manukonda


Photo of Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook CEO is never safe from stalkers on his very own social networking site. A certain Pradeep Manukonda sent Mark Zuckerberg various messages including some through Facebook. This move sent Zuckerberg to seek the assistance of the police for his protection.

Robert Dewey Hoskins and Gabriel Espinosa


Photo of Madonna and Hoskins

Madonna became the subject of stalking by a psychotic homeless man named Robert Dewey Hoskins, and an Arizona man named Gabriel Espinosa. Hoskins threatened the singer that he would “slice her throat from ear to ear” and even entered Madonna’s pool. Espinosa, on the other hand, started showing up at the singer’s house later in 2000. Espinosa once threatened to kill a sheriff and an anchorwoman.

Gerard W.


Photo of Laura Dekker

In 2012, Laura Dekker became the youngest woman to complete a solo journey around the world. The occasion that made her famous was also the same event that brought a 60-year old pedophile stalker into her life. A certain Gerard W. sent Dekker emails including a fake nude photo that he made. Gerard later turned himself in to authorities along with his various pornographic materials of children.

Margaret Mary Ray


Margaret Mary Ray was suffering from schizophrenia when she was stalking David Letterman, host of The Late Show With David Letterman. Ray broke into Letterman’s house, stole his car for a joyride and even sent him odd gifts to find. Ray did this because she believed that Letterman was her husband. Ray served in prison for harassing Letterman and retired astronaut Story Musgrave. In 1998, she killed herself kneeling in front of an incoming train.

A twitter stalker of Ellen Page


A twitter user continuously sent messages to actress Ellen Page. He threatened to “K-1-L-L” the actress in public either in a club, a restaurant, or in an autograph-signing event. The actress even skipped her movie premiere and restrained from public appearances because of the threats.

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