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7 Outdoor Activities you can do on your First Date

The first date is a very significant part on your would-be future relationship. It can be considered as a first step to your quest to know if she is a girlfriend potential or not. Thus, other than knowing her as a person, your goal must be to set for the second date later on.

Therefore, your first date should never be a “come what may” moment. It needs considerate planning. You need to know where to spend it and what activities you can do. Remember that you have to start with a good conversation but not ruin it for the rest of the date. If you haven’t figured out what to do on your first date, then these seven suggestions will help you a lot.

Go for a walk

Outdoor Activities (1)

This is a very simple way that most men are afraid to do for a first date. They think this is not the best way to impress your date. The truth is that a positive impression cannot only be achieved with a luxurious date. In fact, it is best if you can engage in a good conversation that you both can enjoy and will make her get more interested in you.

Watch an outdoor movie

Outdoor Activities (2)

Movie date is such a common method, but an outdoor movie is entirely a different experience. Getting to spend the day outdoors and be in a more refreshing venue to enjoy a flick is better than going with the more intimate setting indoor with the lights out. Your date will be more comfortable that way. A drive-in movie theater will also make do.

Create your own picnic

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Choosing a nice spot to spend some time with your date is very tricky but a nice and cozy outdoor picnic setting can be nice. Swing by a grocery store or a take-out from your nearest restaurant for some quick to eat grubs. There is no need to spend more cash in a 3 star restaurant. Your date also intends for the both of you to become more oriented with each other.

Go boating

Outdoor Activities (4)

Though this does not sound well for many, but boating is such an exciting way to spend your date. You can choose between canoeing, row boating, or taking a paddle boat.

Go for a run together

Outdoor Activities (5)

If she is an athletic type and is fine with doing physical activities on a date, then you should try having a good run together. After all, it is a healthy activity which both of you can enjoy if you both maintain the active lifestyle.

Volunteer at a community service

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One of the best ways to spend a date is to volunteer together for a community service. This promotes selflessness and generosity towards others that can really help your relationship along the way. It will be a unique and an unforgettable experience for the both of you.

Be the first customers at your favorite breakfast place

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If the both of you have busy mornings and spends it mostly working, then having an early breakfast together is a great idea. It requires a sacrifice but will give you both a chance to spend more time chatting with each other and starting your day with each other’s company. If the idea is so fine for her, then it will be safe to say that you have better chances at building a good relationship her.

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