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8 Money Saving Alternatives to Staying in a Hotel

If you are a travel geek like me, then you probably want to save some extra cash on your hotel stay to maximize your travels. Believe it or not, there are ways that you can still enjoy your vacation without spending much on accommodations.

Drop any notion you have of booking a room in a hotel because here are 8 alternative to consider. These do not require as much cash as hotels, but will give you an even more unforgettable experience.

Curl Up Right Inside the Airport


When your flight has just been delayed or canceled, there’s no need to find a hotel to stay in for the night or to rest while waiting for your flight. Staying in the airport makes sense and saves cash. In fact, airports have reclining lounges, armrest-free seating, sleep pods and dedicated rest zones. Also, keep an eye on airport amenities like showers, free WiFi and more.

Secure an Entire Apartment


You can rent an entire apartment or maybe a windmill, a houseboat, a tree house, or any unique rentable space. Staying in any of these will give you a truly unique experience. Santorini, Greece has windmills for you to stay in, the Netherlands have plenty of houseboats, and London has water towers for rent while Tuscany offers tree houses.

Be a part of a Family


No, you don’t have to find a family that can help you rent a room inside their house. There are sites that offer you a “home stay” for your travel. Search for the country or city you desire along with home stay. This will allow you to experience firsthand the language, customs and traditions in that country. It’s a unique experience you can’t get by staying in a hotel.

Get Back to Nature


Allow your instincts to help you choose the perfect spot to spend the night. Choose between the trails near lakes, hills, or any landscape and find an isolated spot to set your tent. Experience a unique adventure with nature using this simple tip.

House Sitting Gig


You can now travel to your favorite country or city without paying for an apartment while enjoying a lovely residence. It only takes a registration fee of $20 to sites offering the gig. It is your chance to stay in someone’s house, living there like it’s your own. You can even bond with their pets. However, house sitting gigs are never easy to get.

Lend a Hand on a Farm


There’s always excitement when you go to a foreign land and try to learn something without spending a penny on your meals and accommodation. Working farms welcome foreigners to spend some 4-6 hours of their time in exchange for free meals and accommodation. Examples of these activities include beekeeping in Argentina and pineapple cultivation in Togo.

Crash on a Couch


Make a friend in a foreign land and ask to use their couch for a night stay. Though this is quite difficult, some websites offer you with an easier way to find someone willing to lend a couch to you. But remember that these people who accept you expect some interactions. Be friendly, though, because they are capable of giving you a unique experience in a foreign land.

Be a prince, a princess, or a prisoner


Consider yourself a prince or a princess living in a unique abode while paying a hostel price. Imagine sleeping in rooms carved into caves in Goreme, Turkey; stay underground in Coober Pedley, Australia; or in a renovated jet in Stockholm, Sweden. You can also experience life like a prisoner in a former prison of Hostel Celica in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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