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This Man’s Sushi Was So Fresh, It Poked Him Back

For seafood fiends, the fresher the seafood used in sushi, the tastier the dish will be, right?
But a sushi joint in Japan took freshness way too seriously when they served up a dish that poked back at a man’s chopstick just as he was getting ready to dig in.
Twitter user @shoumizo3446 recently went to a branch of conveyor belt sushi place Sushiro in Japan and ordered a plate of surf clam sushi, known as iki hokkigai, and he was told the clam was prepared on site so you’re guaranteed optimum freshness.
But to his surprise, when served up the sushi dish, the surf clam was still twitching!
He posted the unusual encounter to his Twitter:

We feel sorry for the little guy, but at the same time its appendage looked weirdly adorable reaching up and poking back at @shoumizo3446’s intrusive chopstick.

The video has so far racked up more than 4.1 million views on Twitter, and pretty sure people are either disgusted or amazed.

But according to this report, some netizens and seafood lovers argued that the fact the twitching of the surf clam was not because it was fresh, but just a reaction from surviving nerves that were not removed properly in preparation.

But we think since the nerves were still responsive at the time it was served up, doesn’t it mean it was alive and  well when it was in the kitchen and prepped to serve?

But hey, what do we know; we just honestly like seafood.

But while people have been going back and forth about how fresh the strange dish was, ultimately, the Twitter user who posted the footage just found his order “extremely delicious.”

Sushi typically comes with fresh (and mostly dead) seafood on top of rice, but there are certain kinds that can be, well, deadly too.

Raw octopus tentacles for example, are delicious and eaten in many parts of Asia. But the suckers on those things can still be very strong and pretty much alive even after they’ve been cut off, so be sure to chew it thoroughly before swallowing, as there have been cases where the suckers stuck to the throats of the people eating them and choked them to death.  

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