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Man Injects Stem Cells Into His Manhood To Make It Bigger

We’ve seen all sorts of crazy ploys targeting men and their genitalia: from pills to pumps, it’s unfortunate that toxic masculinity still weirdly places importance on the size of one’s penis. But a man attempted to go the extra mile by using stem cells.

Ben Greenfield, an author and online fitness guru, had stem cells injected into the “meat of the tissue” in his penis in a bid to, well, ‘enhance’ its size.

This all went down in November 2017 at the U.S. Stem Cell clinic in Florida, which incidentally, is the same clinic that blinded three patients after accidentally injecting stem cells into their eyes in March of that year.

Gizmodo reported that Greenfield sourced the cells from his body’s own fat cells.

Stem cells are commonly used as a treatment to regenerate tissue such as in cases of cancer or surgeries, and there are studies existing that show stem cells could also be a promising treatment for erectile dysfunction. But as to increasing overall penis size? No sound evidence yet, really.

But Greenfield in a webinar he hosted earlier this month said the injections left him “noticeably better hung,” and said that his wife noticed the difference when they were getting intimate.

To each their own, we guess? But a word to the wise, injecting stem cells into the penis, whether in the interest of size or treating erectile dysfunction, is not currently FDA-approved.

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