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Man Casually Steals Drinks Using A Stolen Armored Tank

armored van

Wow, talk about having to get your fix in the early hours: A man in Russia stole a literal armored tank (or an armored personnel carrier, if you want to get technical), drove it through a shop window before climbing out and casually stealing a bottle of wine last Wednesday morning, January 10.

According to Reuters, the man swiped the armored vehicle from a privately run motorsport training facility nearby, drove it through a forest and into the small, northern Russian town of Apatity.

Footage of the double theft was posted on social media by witnesses, who oddly enough, didn’t seem at all that surprised or panicked.

Are Russian people always this calm in the face of a drunken, or should we say tanked  encounter?

Witnesses said the man, who is in his twenties, was visibly drunk and after navigating a turn in a narrow street which was covered in heavy snow fall, he then slammed the tank into the window of “Family” convenience store.

While no one was reported hurt in the incident, aside from the shop’s window and the tank, he also apparently crushed a Daewoo car parked nearby, Reuters’ report added.

“Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle… and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning,” one social media user described, while filming the snow-covered scene out of his window.

To be honest, we’re still just astounded how nonchalant the residents and other witnesses of the incident are to the theft.

The shop owner and the armored personnel vehicle owner meanwhile; probably had a lot to be pissed about, what with the broken window and goods, the mess, and *gasp* what is that? A scratch on my armored personnel carrier?!

The culprit was said to not have resisted arrest, RIA news agency reported.

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