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A List Of Famous People Who Became Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Boyfriends

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If you take a look at the history of Kim Kardashian’s love life, you could see that she doesn’t settle for your average Joe. You could say that Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends were either rich and famous or both.

Kim Kardashian has her calendar booked solid. With a hit TV show chronicling all the craze that is her horrible family, except her kids and epic stepdad…; boycotter stepmom, Caitlyn Jenner. The sassy, big bootied, smokey baltic celebrity has amassed quite the boy toys along the way to her success. See the list that ends with everyone’s least favorite rapper, Kanye West. I wonder who’s after him once they get divorced?

Brandon Jenner – 1991

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s brother, Brandon stole some kisses from Kim, something awkward but maybe he just can’t resist the alluring beauty of her sister. Or its was just a sweet gesture because of a great holiday.

Joey Lawrence – 1999


Kim KardashianWas a hot American actor, singer and game show host. Maybe it was his startling talents that made Kim smitten to him. One way or another it Joey made into Kim’s long list of boyfriends.

Whoa! Everyone’s favorite empty-head from the 90’s had a go at the KK.

Ray J 2003-06

Kim KardashianRay J and Kim got a long pretty long relationship, they started on the year 2003 until they ended it on 2006. Kim’s popularity was boosted because of their relationship but maybe it was also because of that, that they ended.

Kris Humphries 2013

Kim KardashianHubby number two. Hungry to marry an athlete, Kardashian jumped into this marriage without thinking of what a dumb move it really was. They were divorced quicker than a Ray-J power pump. Actually 72 days, but that’s still pretty fast.

Damon Thomas 2000

Kim KardashianHusband number one. She was married for 4 years to music producer Damon Thomas. The pair called it quits in 2004. Something must have went wrong while in the process of producing.

Nick Lachey 2006

Kim Kardashian

It might e possible that making wrong decisions is a part of Kim’s nature. Because this Nick Lachey is one of those moments. The guy is one of the few white men who got to her list.

The Game 2006

Kim Kardashian

If there’s one thing constant on Kim’s taste it would be her taste for black rappers. Their relationship ended in the year 2009, well typical of Kim don’t you think?

Nick Cannon 2006-07

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s scheme of finding future ex-husbands stirred the most with Nick Cannon. But form an interview Nick actually dumped Kim because of lying about her in-famous sex video.

Reggie Bush 2007-10

Kim Kardashian

Reggie almost made it to the ex-husband list of Kim. But luckily for him he didn’t he just focused in his career. Unfortunate for Kim though, he didn’t add a soccer player to her boy list.

50 Cent 2009

Kim Kardashian

It could possible that Kimmy really adores black men who are very good rappers. 50 Cent is a master to that, but he can never the unpredictability of Kim that’s why it didn’t work out.

Alecko Eskandarian 2010

Kim Kardashian

Before moving into the European League of soccer players, Alecko made it to the list of Kim’s ex boyfriend list. Sadly Kim had some bigger fish to fry, maybe that’s why they broke up.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2010

Kim Kardashian

Yes it was timely for Ronaldo that time because of Kim was on for a hunt that time. They had something going on but Kim being Kim got bored and their sweet romance ended.

Myles Austin 2010

Kim Kardashian

Maybe it was too hard for the both of them to handle a long distance relationship. Perhaps they tried but trying to keep up with a Kardashian is surely harder than keeping up with anything.

Michael Copon 2010

Kim Kardashian

Michael Copon is a sure hottie, but for Kim isn’t enough, more likely a requirement but not something that keeps Kim from looking for something better and interesting that keeps up with her unpredictability.

Gabriel Aubry 2010

Kim Kardashian

Another white male got into the list but it was just short-loved. Some sources say that it was a sexy relationship between the two but, both of them stepped out of the game.

Kanye West 2013

Kim Kardashian

Somehow, someway, the dumbest people have found their way into Kims bed. Showing us all how shallow and fame based her decisions are, she married the dumbest of them all. Kanye. Stop for a moment and just think of how these two terrible people are going to be raising and teaching their children. Anyway, to be continued…;

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