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Japanese Police Plans To Investigate Logan Paul After ‘Suicide Forest’ Debacle

Police in Japan have expressed an interest in talking with American Youtuber Logan Paul after his mess of a video posted last Sunday showed a dead suicide victim him and his team found in Aokigahara forest.

According to Inside Edition, Masaki Ito, spokesman for the Yamanashi prefectural police in a statement to the Associated Press said that while Paul was under no legal obligation to report the body upon its discovery, police were still “interested in talking to Paul as a suicide may be involved.”

The video, which was posted to his Youtube account Sunday then removed the next day, showed Paul and his team going into Aokigahara forest, a park located in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

While there are designated paths for visitors to follow, it has become a well-known spot for suicides due to how dense and deep the forest is once people go off-path.

Paul and his team are shown to go off the path and after a bit of walking, encounter the dead person near a tree, who had committed an apparent suicide. They proceed to film around the body, laughing and making jokes.

Minutes after posting online, he was assailed by concerned netizens about the content, and berated too for his tone deaf approach to the matter of suicide and mental illnesses. It garnered six million views before Paul took it down.

On Wednesday, Paul tweeted that he was going to stop posting videos for awhile and said the hiatus was going to be a time for him “to reflect.”

“I had a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment,” Paul said. “I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m simply here to apologize,” he has said in his apology video posted Monday night.

His hiatus comes after a petition urging YouTube to delete his channel continues to gain signatures. As of Thursday afternoon, more than 130,000 people had signed, according to the Inside Edition report.

“Logan Paul has uploaded a vlog today of him going up to a body in Japan’s suicide forest, a body of a hanging man,” the creator of the petition, who is from Columbus, Ohio, wrote. “All he did was blur the deceased man’s face out. He got close to the body and told the camera how the skin was ‘blue’ while showing the skin.

But Paul may want to take that time off from making videos to tackle another hit on his career: a New York based clothing company is looking to sue if he doesn’t stop using their brand name in his apparel line, according to a report posted last Thursday.

Clothing company Maverick Apparel is threatening to sue Paul if he doesn’t stop using the word “maverick” in his apparel line, titled Maverick by Logan Paul, within seven days.

The clothing company, which is marketed to children, said consumers have been misled by affiliating them with Paul’s merchandise. They will also claim at least $4 million in damages due to the Youtuber’s disturbing video in Aokigahara.  

In a press statement, they wrote:

“Maverick Apparel has noticed a rapid and significant decline in its sales, reputation and goodwill of the Maverick Apparel brand as a direct result of your repulsive, abhorrent and mutton-headed conduct. In choosing to promulgate yourself and your maw-wallop across social media and champion yourself as an object of ridicule, hatred and contempt, you have simultaneously infected the good name of Maverick Apparel.”

“Logan Paul […] has become synonymous with racist, anti-Asian, and homophobic sentiments, and most recently, a belligerent insensitivity to suicide,” they added, referencing his often disrespectful approach to Asian culture and the embarrassing way he conducted American behavior in a foreign land as seen in his Japan vlogs.

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