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8 Insane Deaths Caused by Hoarding

We are all told that too much of a good thing is bad. The same is especially true when it comes to hoarding.

Following are eight deaths which were attributed to extreme hoarding.

Rita Wolfensohn’s son


Rita Wolfensohn, a legally blind woman, had no idea that she had been living with her son’s corpse for 20 years. The discovery happened only when her sister-in-law Josette Buchman arrived at her house to get items for a hospital stay. Buchman found the dead body inside a bedroom in Rita’s cluttered home. Wolfensohn thought her son had moved out.

Amelia Brown


Amelia Brown, a three-year old little girl was killed in a house fire that started with her grandmother’s hoarded trash. It took a day before firefighters were able to recover Amelia’s body. Her grandfather, David, also died of smoke inhalation.

Homer and Langley Collyer


In the 1940s in New York, brothers Homer and Langley Collyer were found dead under the junk they stored in their house. Homer was found lying among boxes of trash while Langley was buried under tons of debris. More than 100 tons of trash were recovered from the Collyer residence.

Died in his RV


A 62-year old man from Redding, California became a victim of his personal hoarding. The heavy smoker man’s cigarette started a fire which consumed his hoarded items and himself while inside his RV.

Crushed to death by trash


In Alcabre, Spain, a 51-year old man was found crushed to death under a mound of trash. His dead body was between a collapsed heap of garbage and a door to his house.

Eaten by her hoarded dogs


The Van Buren County Animal Control found the dead body of a 65-year old woman feasted on by starving dogs. About 50 malnourished and aggressive dogs were found inside the animal hoarder’s house in Arkansas.

Anna Ragin


90-year old Anna Ragin was left alone inside a San Francisco home so long that she began to mummify. The property was crammed with junk. Ragin’s 65-year old daughter knew about the incident but couldn’t let go of her mother.

Beverly Mitchell


The weight of trash inside the home of Beverly Mitchell resulted in its collapsed floor. The same tragedy caused her death. The pile of trash even reached as high as the ceiling in some places.

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