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How to Get People to Like You in 6 Easy Steps

Most people desires to be liked by others. As social beings, it is in our nature to seek companionship and be accepted by others especially in the family and the community.

We hope that our neighbors will like us as well as our co-workers, business partners, professors, or anyone especially of the opposite sex. If possible, most people would hope that everyone they meet will like them. And also, we like to take the easy way to achieve just that.

Find a common factor


Perhaps, from the very moment you started your conversation with someone, you already noticed some similarities with him/her. Pay attention to anything they like, their hobbies, or favourite things. Take your time in talking about the things both of you share. Your conversation will surely take longer and you will hear your new friend again soon.

Start with having a good conversation


Bring the conversation to a topic that he/she would talk more about and that makes her/him share more about themselves. Be wary when they start responding with short phrases or even one-word answers. That is a sign that they are starting to get uninterested. Make sure to also share a little information about yourself to make your conversation fair and truly interesting. Trust starts to develop when the both of you get to know each other more.

Address your new friend and include him/her in your conversation


Talking about other people turns a conversation to a cheap talk. Some people like to chit chat but it is always great to have a good conversation that you both can enjoy. That is when you start to know each other better by talking about yourselves. This way, you can address your new friend by his/her name and that builds a sense of closeness and bonding between the two of you. Plus, it helps you remember their name much easier.

Use minimal physical contact


Physical contact is very risky but can be a good way to establish trust and initiate a bond quickly. The proper way to use physical contact can be a quick and light tap above the shoulder or a light prod to a part of a body given that it is the subject of the conversation. Timing is also essential so as to avoid putting yourself in an awkward position.

Maintain a positive outlook


Become a person who looks through life in a positive and beautiful way. It reflects on your actions and habits as well as in your face. In general, become a happy person and always be ready to share a laugh or two with others. People generally gets attracted toward positive and bright individuals and it will easier for them to involve themselves in your life (or way of life). It becomes easier for them to share and express themselves around you.

Be aware of others too


In order to build a good friendship or start one, you also have to think of the other guy. This means that getting other people to recognize or like you, you also have to be aware what the other person is thinking, his/her current situation and others. You have to create a good and lasting impression, and approaching a person who looks very busy is not a very smart way to befriending him/her. It also helps that you start the interaction at the same or congruent mood that they are currently in. If they are in feeling down, take it as an opportunity to lift someone up. Also, like in the previous tip, maintain a positive vibe so other people can easily level with you.

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