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10 Ways to Tell if She is Flirting with You

Unlike men, women usually do not express their feelings directly. Instead, they display gestures or signs that they expect you to understand and deduct from them their feelings. This compels every man to somehow understand the complexity of their display. Is she flirting or is she just very friendly? Check out these 10 methods to tell if she is flirting with you.

She tries to hide it but somehow, it shows

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This is not a common way but still, many women do this. They pretend to be chatting with your friends but they make sure that you see it. They even keep their eyes on you at the middle of their conversation. You are made to believe that they want to be just friends but she only shows that she is interested when you’re not around.

She wants to get noticed


Have you noticed how many times she walked by in the past few minutes? Was there any clear reason for her to show up in the room? If you can’t find one, then here’s the best reason why: she wants to get noticed. Yes, she wants to grab your attention. So, you better be alert and prepare some nice things to say the next time she tries.

She draws attention to her mouth


She uses her mouth in many ways especially when you are around. You can notice the lip gloss she applied, the finger that runs across her lips, or the straw she uses in her cocktail instead of just sipping from the glass. Her mouth is very seductive and is potentially effective.

She singles you out


She will not act normally sometimes and it includes making odd excuses just to be alone with you. She wants you exclusively and will take you out from the rest of the group during a dinner, a party, or any gathering. Don’t ruin her play and just give her your attention. Try to follow her lead.

She mimics your body movements


She will be trying to imitate you. This is the same logic as an avid fan tries to mimics her idol. It may be one of her methods to get you to notice her. This includes actions as easy as the way you sit or hold your drink. Furthermore, she’s hoping to catch your attention and notice that you have similarities.

She plays with her hair


During conversations or doing nothing much, she starts to play with her hair; she twirls it, massages it, smells it or change how it lays down on her head. You can notice when it isn’t one of her habits as she will be only doing this when she’s conscious of you. Her long and shiny hair is actually a versatile weapon to catch man’s attention. So when you see her playing with her hair while looking at you, she may be trying to flirt with you.

She makes physical contacts


She will not be touching you without a reason but this is an old trick. She talks to you and lightly touches you every time she gets a chance. Your forearm, shoulder, hand and wrist are most common of her potential targets. In all of these, you can do the same to her and see how your conversation goes.

She makes eye contact


Everything she feels is shown in her eyes. She may not talk to you but her eyes will always betray her and show her interest. Be aware of how many times she takes glances at you in a short period of time. She is trying to check out if you would also look at her at any moment. Glance back at her and see if something sparks.

She comes near your personal space


This is a clear display and form of flirting. Your personal space isn’t a space that can be entered by anybody especially those that are not closely related to you. And since you’re a man, she’s definitely not expected to come near you without being interested. The mere fact that she comes to say hi and to smile at you are signs that she may be flirting with you.

She approaches to talk with you


She is done with all the long distance approaches. At this point, she may be bringing it to the next level and to the interview process called dating without you even asking about it. She asks you to learn more about you and see if you’re really a boyfriend potential. So if she’s fine for you, then play her game and see where it gets for the both of you.

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