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Fashion Choices That Will Help Make Men Become More Attractive

Men love attracting women’s attention. It’s flattering and encourages men to approach women and introduce themselves. The quote “Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside” doesn’t just apply to women – men can relate to that, too.

That’s why it’s not unusual to find men who are fashion-conscious these days. Some even classify men with sophisticated taste as metrosexuals – a special breed that takes care of themselves the same way women do. One of the things these men do is to carefully choose their clothes to make strong fashion statements. Here are a few fashion choices men should consider making to look good:

The Shoe Game

Fashion Choices 1

Mind your footwear. A lot of women pay attention to what a man wears down there. Be mindful of your destination, events attended, and daily routine and make sure that you are wearing suitable and presentable footwear. In most cases, women prefer to see men wearing a clean and a closed pair of shoes. Going on a first date wearing flip-flops? Then don’t expect a goodnight kiss by the end of the night.

Distasteful Tees

Fashion Choices 2

Never wear just anything you lay your eyes on. Always pay attention to what you wear outside the house. The art and the texts written on your T-shirt can affect your attractiveness. Avoid those which may ignite bullying, racism, and the like. In addition, throwing on a worn out shirt and unwashed jeans (especially during dates) spells three words to women – not worth it. Think about it: if your date can dress up nicely, why can’t you? It’s 2016, try gender equality.

Trend Victim

Fashion Choices 3

Just because a certain fashion piece is being worn by some boy band member on TV, doesn’t mean you should, too. Don’t try so hard to follow fashion trends because sometimes, trendy clothes don’t necessarily look good on everyone. Instead, try adapting your own style. This way, you can easily convey your personality and character to women. Women do easily notice if you are forcing it – so just chill with the skinny jeans! Your fashion sense may be outdated but when it fits your character, it could be just perfect.

Mind Your Grooming

Fashion Choices 4

Aside from what you wear and how you look, pay attention to your grooming habits. Spray some cologne, wear deodorant and shave! A man who looks fresh and clean is 10x more attractive than a slobby dude.

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