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10 Extreme Sports for Thrill-Seekers

Are you a thrill-seeker? Do you enjoy doing what any ordinary man wouldn’t dare? These extreme sports are a good fit for you then. Get ready to choose among these death-defying sports for your next adventure.

Underground Tubing, New Zealand


The Waitomo caves in North Island, New Zealand have its very own extreme sporting, the blackwater rafting or underground tubing. Experience the close up view of the glowworms and ancient rock formations in the caves found in the northern King Country region.

Zip Lining


There are countless places offering different kinds of zip lining experiences. Zip-lining enthusiasts experience the feeling of flying, other than the free-falling of bungees and parachutes. Zip lining is also a common attraction over various kinds of terrain from snow, rainforests, and more.



Coasteering is the traversing of rocky coastline on foot. It involves cliff jumping, rock climbing, and swimming in the waves. It requires proper safety equipment and guidance from an expert to make it more enjoyable. Pembrokeshire, Wales is an example of a coasteering venue.



Canyoning is a rugged outdoor sport. It uses climbing techniques and equipment. Among the best places for canyoning are The Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Scandinavian fjords. The Sognefjord contains one of the world’s best obstacle courses leading to the Jostedal glacier.



Be as daring as you want to be with bouldering. This extreme sport does not need any safety equipment like safety nets or ropes. Climbers depend on their skills and fearlessness. Familiar spots for bouldering include Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Bishop, California, the giant Rocklands of South Africa, and the forests of Fontainebleau in France.



Feel the thrill and the chill as you ascend ice formations using only an ice pick and your will to live. The Ouray Ice Park in Colorado provides ice-climbers with the opportunity to enjoy the sport from easy, moderate and high levels.

Bungee Jumping


Daredevils will experience that very rare feeling of free falling from a bridge, a cliff, or a platform with only a bungee cord. In Macau, China, a 765-ft jump holds the record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world courtesy of professional daredevil AJ Hackett.

Cave Diving


Cave diving is an unusual kind of swimming in underwater holes. It’s a dive into the unknown world below the earth. Ginny Springs State Park in High Springs, Florida is one of the most dangerous cave dives in the world. It even has the sign “People have died here” with skulls and crossbones to serve as a warning to thrill-seekers.

Sky Jumping


Fly like a bird using a winged bird-like suit. Enjoy the thrill of a death-defying free fall before deploying a parachute. This is how sky jumping works. Most common spot for the sport is the mountains of New Zealand, a region of many extreme sports enthusiasts.



It’s not just normal skiing; heli-skiing takes it to the next level. With the use of helicopters, enthusiasts enjoy skiing from the top of mountains which have treacherous and rugged slopes. Most famous spots for heli-skiing are the mountains of Alaska.

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