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DIY Ways To Fix A Flat Tire That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry


Are you planning for a land tour anytime soon? Have you ever thought that you might encounter a flat tire along the way and in the middle of nowhere?

Rather you like it or not, these 12 do-it-yourself solutions are cool and might be enough to provide an immediate fix to your land travel issues. We’re not sure how effective they are or if they work well. But there are people that use them!


Use a toy car. When only one wheel is your problem, a toy car may help but your travel must be limited to smooth roads only.


Use a cart as a substitute for your wheel. It has a different sense of experience but since it works, Nissan may consider the design in the future.


Use a skateboard. Make sure it is properly placed. And, make sure to avoid non-concrete roads.


Take the wheel and replace it with a rubber hose. Sadly, it requires a very long hose to avoid deforming the rim.


Don’t you have an extra wheel? Try this one but we’re not sure it will work because of the weight of the car.


That time when an extra wheel is not available and you need to move. But this will create a problem when you are making turns.


Why use an spare tire that is more expensive when you can get duct tape at an affordable price? This is one of the many uses of duct tape.


It’s another tiny wheel used as a substitute. Say no to any back seat passengers, but how long will it sustaindiy-ways-to-solve-a-flat-tire-in-your-road-travel-9

Two drivers are required if this is your kind of strategy with your broken

I am surprised this actually works.


This is a car with three wheels and a log. Don’t be surprised as the other side slowly goes down as the log slowly fades.


No need to buy wheels when you have prepared this substitute using logs. However, these must be strong enough to sustain the weight of the car and the passengers.

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