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Disney Movie Characters with Characters From Other Movies

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Here are some fascinating and fresh art pieces of Disney Movie Characters with Characters From Other Movies by artist Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, of Disney movie characters paired with villains from entirely different movies.


1.) Joker and Rapunzel

Disney Movie Characters 1

Well, this is an interesting pair to have. The Joker and Rapunzel. Joker holds a knife on one hand while the other caresses Rapunzel. Of course, who wouldn’t be scared of that reaction? But Joker could probably be thinking, ‘Shall I cut your beautiful hair? To make it as hair extensions to mine?’


 2.) Snow White and Alex Clock Work Orange

Disney Movie Characters 2

This team up of Snow White and Alex Clock Work Orange is very timely and appropriate. With the mysterious, villainous tendencies of Alex, he can certainly make a good substitute to the queen. And as her Nature Snow White will surely take that glass, and will still end up with same way in the fairy tale.


3) Snow White and Alex

Disney Movie Characters 3

If Snow White and Alex were a great pair, then Freddy and Aurora is the best! Aurora might never be able to wake up again because of Freddy. Her prince might already be dead because of Freddy. In this cute picture, there’s the only character who’s laughing so hard by now, Freedy.


4) Edward scissor hands as the barber and little Cinderella

Disney Movie Characters 4

Edward scissor hands as the barber and little Cinderella. Not that we remember having such long lux hair of Cinderella, but her hair also made us remember how the lady and demure she is. But with Edwards doing in this picture, Cindy became sassy Cinderella. Rapunzel and Edward would work correctly you know. Surely Edward will be cutting her hair out vigorously!


5) Unknown sea creature of the deep and Ariel

Disney Movie Characters 5

An unknown sea creature of the deep holds Ariel effortlessly while the mermaid is still unconscious. It could be possible that this monster wants to marry Ariel, she refuses of course! So she took her by force and ended up knocking her out. With this occurrence, The little mermaid fairy tale you’ve grown up with could never be shown again.


6) Cat woman and Disney Cats

Disney Movie Characters 6

Cat woman surely belongs with these Disney cats. Cat Woman is a cat in the first place so she wouldn’t hate a sip of milk with these cuties right here. It may have decreased cat woman’s angst here, but it certainly gave her joy to belong to this group.


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