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30 Most Crowded Destinations


Tourist destinations are really living up to their names. In fact, some of them are extremely crowded with tourists who are looking for beauty. As a result, your expectations may not quite be met during your visit.

Here are 30 well known destinations of the world. In fact, they are the top destinations to visit, thus the most crowded. So, the next time you want to enjoy the beauty of a tourist destination, try to prepare for this worst case scenario.

Great Wall of China


Zhu Difeng

We always see the Great Wall as a place worth visiting. Maybe, we can imagine ourselves taking a jog across it or even a selfie at some point. But the reality is that the wall is actually filled to the brim with tourists almost every day.

Tower of Pisa, Italy


Martin Parr

Many tourists are interacting with the leaning tower of Pisa, pretending to be a hero trying to stop it from falling. But, how is that possible? The picture on the right is the more realistic one.

Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum, Paris, France



Because Mona Lisa is usually referred to as the most beautiful painting subject, many people wish to take a picture with the painting in the background. The concern of how close you can be to the painting is always an issue. The sad reality is that your photograph may look more like the one on the right.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France



The Eiffel Tower is also a major tourist destination in Paris. It brings lots of people to visit the place. For this reason, your most expected way of spending the day may be just like any normal day in your nearby park.

A ski trip


This photo sends us the message that skiing is not as easy as we think it is.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil



There is a very huge shoreline in Rio. That is why no one will ever expect it to be filled with beachgoers. But the reality actually is your worst expectation.

Gondola Ride, Venice, Italy


Lumi Toma

Gondola ride is an attraction in Venice, Italy. This may be the reason why an exclusive ride along the canals of Venice is the least possible reality during your visit.

Beaches of Maldives


Alexander Brown

Maldives is a known place for various beaches. Though most of the beaches in Maldives are excellent in beauty, there may be some that aren’t that good.

Santorini Island, Greece



Santorini Island is known for romantic getaways. Couples do visit the area and take pictures. As a result, many couples come together to a single venue for the same purpose.

Taj Mahal, India


Marvin Bartels

Taj Mahal is a gift expression of love which is why various people come to visit the place. Thus, taking pictures exclusively with the work of art is almost impossible.

Beaches of Thailand


Gunter Flegar

The beautiful waters of Thailand are attracting more people who want to experience the place. As a result, the place is flooded with lots of people.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy


Rilind H

The Trevi Fountain is a beautiful attraction in Rome. So if you wish to see its beauty, never expect to be there alone.

The Stonehenge, United Kingdom


Cirsher Entertainment

If you are amazed by the large stone tablets in Stonehenge, then you are not alone. Expect the worst of the situations as lots of people are also interested in it.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


Edward Ewert

The pyramids of Giza aren’t actually in the middle of the desert just as we once thought. However, the pyramids are actually just near the city of Giza and lots of people do come and visit.

Climbing the Mount Everest, Nepal


Barry Bishop

The very large area of the Mt. Everest isn’t all covered with climbers. However, most areas are typically filled with climbers who are eager to reach the highest point in the world.


Spanish Steps in Italy



The 135 steps of this monumental stairway was built in the 1720s and is always expected to attract tourists and locals. That is why you should expect for more visitors at any time of the day.


Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark


The difference in the angle makes the difference in the pictures. However, the picture in the right speaks of the reality around the structure.


St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City


Erik Gamache

Vatican is the center of the Roman Catholicism and millions of its members would wish to visit the place. The fact is, the Square is more populated than what most expect.


Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York, USA



The 15-acre area of the Sheep Meadow is usually a venue for large scales demonstrations and other activities. That is why the place is mostly filled with people.


The Acropolis, Athens, Greece


The ancient Acropolis is one of the many structures in Greece dating back to early times. The artistic designs and history of the building make people visit the area. So expect tourists with you when you come.


Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace, France


Wikimedia commons

Would you like to come, take a photo and appreciate the works of art inside the hall? Then, so do they.


Niagara Falls


Kp Tripathi

The Niagara Falls is one great work of nature with beauty beyond compare. This makes it a venue for many visitors to come and visit.


Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan


Daniel Peckham

Arashiyama is a designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty. This is why tourists and visitors flood the area.




Michael Kodas

Visiting the Himalayas is always an achievement and many people are willing to come to the snowy highlands. So, you aren’t alone in your plans.


The Howrah Bridge, West Bengal, India



The reality on the ground speaks a lot about this river under the Howrah Bridge in West Bengal.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA


Cebb Photographies

The Antelope Canyon is receiving lots of people who wish to appreciate the beautiful results of the erosion in the canyon.


Water Park



Water Parks are usually filled with people during the summer period.


Wat Rong Khun Temple, Thailand


Ying Tong Low

Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit. It is one reason why lots of people come to the tourist destinations of the country like the Wat Rong Khun Temple.

James Bond Island, Thailand


Joan Gamell

The rock formations and clear waters of the James Bond Island of Thailand are deeply appreciated by many. So it makes a favorable place to visit.

Abu Simbel, Egypt


Walter Weinberg

The Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel originated from the 13th century BC. It is one of the ancient temples currently attracting tourists from different places of the world. So, one must expect a crowded place upon visit.

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