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Crazy names from Latin America

Names are very important because it gives the identity of one person in all forms of his transactions from birth to death. For this reason, parents make sure that their children will have the best names. They even choose those with wonderful meanings. But, here are crazy names of real people from Latin America. Their names may suggest some inspirations on the part of their parents upon giving them their names. These will either make you laugh or leave you in awe.

Batman Roberto Camargo Salcedo (Colombia)

Batman Roberto Camargo Salcedo

This man may have been named after Batman. Maybe his parents are huge fans of the masked superhero. He could be a hero for his family in Colombia.

Disney Landia Rodriguez Juarez

Disney Landia Rodriguez Juarez

Her parents may have been amused by her beauty when she was born. Or maybe her parents were just dreaming of having their own little Disney princess.

Email Suarez Barboza (Uruguay)

Email Suarez Barboza

We guess his parents were use to sending emails to each other before Email was born. At least his name isn’t a left behind technology and is still very useful today.

Hashtag Follow Contreras Sepulveda (Chile)

Hashtag Follow Contreras Sepulveda

Our guess is that his parents met through Twitter or are just fans of the social networking site. At least they did not use the hashtag symbol when giving him his name.

Jack Daniels (Chile)

Jack Daniels

He might be the result of parents enjoying a night of Jack Daniels. Or maybe the classy name from a classy bottle in the superstore had inspired her mother to name him so.

Jesucristo Hitler Paracelso Zeppelin (Colombia)

Jesucristo Hitler Paracelso Zeppelin

The Colombian parents should have been Christians. They named their child Jesucristo with the hope that he would also deliver their family from their current economic status. But how about the other three names? They seem to have the tendency to oppose with the Jesucristo.

Mister Rambo Campos Diaz (Costa Rica)

Mister Rambo Campos Diaz

We are sure he’s a son of Rambo’s fans. This Costa Rican man named Mister Rambo was probably named after the action movie character of Sylvester Stallone.

Shakespeare Mozart Armstrong Correa Perez (Chile)

Shakespeare Mozart Armstrong Correa Perez

This man is a man of the arts. There is hope that he will soon make a name for himself in his chosen field just like his individual names. He’s the true expression of his parents’ passion for the arts.

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