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15 Strange yet Comfortable Pillows

They provide the same comfort while you’re asleep. However, they are far more artistic and cool compared to your usual pillow.

Be different from the rest. Let these unique and comforting pillows accompany you in your official business and amaze, with a bit of jealousy, from your fellow man.

Blood Puddle Pillow


Sometimes, it is good to trick people. This blood puddle pillow is a perfect choice for your comfort and their fear. Anybody who sees you with this pillow will believe it is blood coming from your head.

Alarm Clock Pillow


Give your pillow the responsibility of waking you up. The alarm clock pillow exposes your eyes to a glowing light increasing in brightness gradually. You can set the time using the pillow and it even shows you the current time.

Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows


This three-pillow set has the look of your computer keyboard. Give your living room a unique look with smooth pillows made from recycled plastic bottles.

iSleep Laptop Pillow


Get the chance to take a rest for a while and let your inflated warm pillow wake you up. The iSleep pillow works with your laptop set to standby mode. The hot air expelled by the laptop inflates the pillow and makes it warm. The concept was developed by Ivonne Dippmann.

Emoticon Pillows


Whatever you feel, you have a pillow to help you express it. These emoticon pillows come in six styles so you will have it just when you feel it.

Tissue-dispensing pillow


There’s no need to find the tissue box which, at some times, may have been misplaced. This pillow makes it easier for you to grab tissue out from the pillow itself. It is useful for those who easily cry or for those who are sick and can barely rise to get the tissue box.

Fresh Salmon Pillow


This 70cm pillow allows you to sleep on a fresh salmon. But don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like a real salmon.

Scrabble Pillow


Spell out your thoughts with these scrabble pillows. It’s taking pillows to the next level.

Pizza Pillow


It’s a 12” diameter circular pillow with a pizza look. This is an amazing way to wake your taste buds with delicious-looking crust and pizza toppings courtesy of your own pillow.

Girlfriend Lap Pillow


Get the chance to sleep on your girlfriend’s lap without her complaining about it. Or at least, know how it feels if you don’t have a girlfriend yet.

DOS Pillow


Activate your inner geek with this DOS pillow imitating a black screen with old DOS directories.

Rock Pillow


You and your kids will enjoy sleeping on rocks or be covered in them. Rock Pillow come in various sizes and shapes but give the impression of true solid rocks.

Pillow Book


Do not destroy your book by sleeping on it again. But if you’re a true fan of sleeping on books, this book pillow is perfect for you.

Horse Head Pillow


Experience the unusual twist waking up to a large horse head on your bed. But, hey, it won’t hurt you. Instead, it gives you the comfort you need while you’re asleep.

Boyfriend Pillow


This boyfriend pillow resembles the torso of your special someone. It makes you feel his presence even if he’s far away. Sleep on the big and comforting arm that cuddles you.

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