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15 Basic Things you need to know about Building Muscles

A man’s body decorated with well-built muscles will always draw attention especially from the opposite sex. This makes most man hope for such a body without doing much. If you are one of them, then you need to know these 15 basic things about muscle building.

It takes protein


You need protein to build and to maintain your muscles. Your body needs about one gram of protein in every pound of your body weight. It means that lighter men need lesser protein than the heavier ones. Divide your required proteins to five or six small meals in a day. But do not take too much because excess protein, especially from animal sources, is linked to kidney stones.

It takes carbs


Carbs gives you enough calories which provides energy to your body and brain. If you won’t take carbs, your body will tap your protein and use it to fuel your needs. Go for minimal carbs sources like veggies and oats.

It requires frequent eating


Eat about five or six small meals in a day to keep your metabolism firing. Do not spend your muscle for body consumption just because you are limiting your meals. But remember, your meals should be just minimal, just make it small meals.

Sleep is a key


Always have enough sleep. Growth hormones are released when you sleep to allow your body to recover and grow. Never sabotage your efforts of building muscles by neglecting to sleep properly.

Foundation is important


It is good to have those beach muscles because they draw much attention. But, your muscles around your shoulders, hips and midsection are the foundations of your body. Develop these key muscles by rotational movements like lifting and chopping.

Routine is your enemy


Do not be satisfied with your routine from the beginning of your workout. Your body easily adapts to your daily routine. Instead of sticking with it, try to add new movements to keep challenging your body.

It’s about the rear view


The current generation is prone to so much sitting. This will result to tight hips and bad backs. Pay attention to these by learning to move through the hips and activate your back. Observe proper movement.

Women won’t get ‘too bulky’


Women will never achieve the kinds of muscles men have unless they take steroids or other harmful supplements. The reason is simple, women lack testosterone.

Timing is important


Your body is like an empty tank right after your workout. It needs to refuel through your recovery meal. The quicker your body recovers and grows is dependent on your timing to refuel it. Eat properly and timely.

Drink as well


Drinking sufficient amount of water is another factor in building muscles. Make sure you have enough water in your body to avoid dehydration in the middle of your workout.

It’s not just about lifting


Carrying logs, flipping tires, and the likes are not the only ways to build muscles. In fact, exercises that mimic daily movements are the most effective ways to shape your body. These are easier, more fun, and more inclined to your regular movements.

Involve more muscles


You don’t need to spend so much time on exercises that are too hard for you but involves only a few of your muscles. Involve more muscles in your exercises and focus on these. Think of rotational ones like chopping, and swinging.

It takes intensity


Keep your focus. Do not be tempted to use your phone every few minutes. If you do, you are hurting your efforts. When you take a break from one exercise to relax your muscles, think of another way to use other muscles instead of taking a rest.

It takes active rest


Setting a day to rest is a good idea. However, during this day, always remain active. Active rest promotes recovery of your body and muscles. It gets the blood flowing.

It’s never late


No one is old enough to start building muscles. Even people in the fifties can still workout to slow down the process of losing muscles. What it needs is just your own decision to start and your resolve to go through with it.

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