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Hilarious Photos Of Bros Being Basic On Instagram

man mimics woman

If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon of guys mimicking the most common Instagram posts of women, then you haven’t heard of the Bros Being Basic phenomenon. It is absolutely cute and hilarious!

Millions of women are now in Instagram. And if one can observe closely, there are certain Instagram trends that women follow nowadays, like taking a photo of their legs while lounging near a pool or beach. These could look pretty good. But when men do it, however, they turn out to be the most ridiculous and hilarious thing you have ever seen. 

Here are some of the most hilarious and most on-point photos of bros being basic on Instagram.




Women love taking “I woke up like this” photos. And while most of those photos look quite good, there is always an air of choreography in them. This photo is no exception, except we’re seeing a gorgeous, half-naked guy.




Ever since Taylor Swift coined the term “Squad Goals” on Instagram as a caption to her photos with her super famous friends, the whole world has followed suit. Most of the time, women take squad goals photos while doing a fun, group activity. In this photo, men attempt to do a squad goals jump shot.




This shot may be familiar to you. So familiar, you might have created a meme comparing women’s legs to two sausages against a beach or pool background. This mimicked photo shows a man’s hairy legs, however, making the whole thing less glamorous and funnier.




Drinking wine in the tub, reading a book and surrounded by scented candles? Almost every Instagram model has done this pose and it could look quite inviting. Seeing a man do it? Well, let’s just say we’re tickled.




The braver ones post hipster photos such as this – buck naked in the middle of nowhere. However, when women do it, most of the time, they only wear bikini bottoms. In a bold attempt at humor, these three men exposed their behinds and tan lines all for the sake of humor.




When women dress alike and hold hands together in photos, it’s cute. When men do it, they look like members of a 90s boy band.




Pretty toes! Who says only women can get mani-pedi combos and take a photo of them with their besties?




It is not uncommon to see women photographed eating sweets. And this attempt to mimic those photos is nothing short of entertaining.




Ladies’ drinks with your best bros on a Sunday by the beach? Why not?




Anyone who’s ever seen an Instagram model or fitness blogger’s account would know this is very common – a bowl of breakfast cereal or fruit. This photo attempts to copy the said Instagram trend and we must say: not bad!




Perhaps your girlfriend attempted to copy this hair-flip-in-the-water trend as well. Don’t worry, guys can do it, too.




We’re pretty sure every Kardashian has posed like this before.




Lots of women on Instagram pretend they’re mermaids. To even prove it, they pose like the mythical sea creature and look pretty! Seeing this photo, we wonder what mer-men would say?




Because hotel towels folded like stuffed animals are cute and women love cute things!




If Kim K can “break the internet”, so can you! Express yourself by stripping down and posing like her. We can’t wait for the millions of likes you will get.




Cats are largely associated with women than with men, so seeing a man pose with this cute ball of fur is quite endearing.




Love taking bubble baths? Why don’t you take a picture like this and look as cute as possible? Just don’t drown trying to take the perfect photo though.




Enjoy life, take it smooth, and take a girly group shot. Women love being “goofy” in public places with their best girlfriends. Do it with your bros and you’ll look like a bunch of comedians.




Free those nipples and be proud of your body! On Instagram, it’s a display of unity and body positivity but seeing men doing it, raising bras in the air and touching each other’s butt is very hilarious.




We all love Hawaii; Yes, we do. While it won’t be so easy for to you to go to Hawaii and enjoy the place, try bringing the place to you. Experience your life like you’re in Hawaii at the comfort of your home! Top it all off with a cucumber on your eyelids!


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