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Biological Differences between Males and Females


Males and females are equal in being, but in other areas, they are not quite equal. There are a lot of differences between both sexes. Most of them are beyond our control as products of physical development in the growth process.

Below are 17 of the many biological differences between males and females. These are differences that help the community differentiate between members of both sexes.

Most babies with birth defects are male


It is the chromosomes in each child that explains it. Females have chromosomes XX which means that if a single chromosome X has a defect; there is still another X which may not have a defect. For male chromosomes, XY, if a chromosome has a defect, then it will remain as is because it has no other similar chromosome. This explains why most babies born with defects are male.

Males have larger veins


It can be observed that veins in males are larger than those of females. This is because males perform more physical activities than females. These activities require more blood and oxygen in many parts of the body. Larger veins are essential to provide this high demand.

Autism is four times more likely in males than in females


Studies show that males are four times more prone to autism than females. One reason for this is that females are more capable of hiding their feelings to fit in with their peers. Though women are less likely to develop autism, they are at a severe level when diagnosed.

Vertical foreheads for females; sloped for males


The most common forms of foreheads differ between males and females. The ladies mostly have vertical foreheads while gentlemen have sloped.

Differences in fat deposits


Where do fat in males and females deposit itself? Males’ fat are in between their organs. However, females’ fat form a ring around their abdomen. This is why it is easier to conduct liposuction on females. The same reason is true why there are many males experiencing organ failure due to excess fat.

Males have longer eyelashes


Sorry girls, but this is the truth. On average, males have longer eyelashes as compared to females. This might make women very jealous of men.

Mitochondrial diseases


Mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. Thus, it is present in every cell in every individual. This means that malfunction in the mitochondria brings serious illnesses / diseases. Studies reveal that mitochondrial diseases are passed onto offspring through females. Males do not have the capacity. An error in the function of mitochondria can cause diseases like myopathy, diabetes mellitus, deafness, and more.



Men are 3 to 10 times more likely to stutter than women. Stutter is the involuntary repetition and prolongation of sounds, syllables, words, or phrases. This means that women have the potential to be the best speakers as compared to men.

Hearing loss


Hearing loss is normal in all sexes especially when both are aging. But there is a big difference between both sexes in terms of hearing loss. Males tend to lose high pitched sounds while females lose the low pitched sounds.

Distinguishing shades of colors


When it comes to colors, females are more superior to males. Females are more capable at distinguishing between the different shades of colors than males.

Blood flow differences


Males have a more evenly distribution of blood throughout their body parts as compared to females. For the ladies, blood flow is more concentrated on the core organs and pelvic regions only.

Genes in the liver


There are about 1,000 genes differences between males and females with regards to the liver alone. This explains why substance processes in the liver, from alcohol to Tylenol, are in different rates in both sexes.

Broader face


Who has the broader face? It’s the females. It may not be obvious at first because their hair covers their face.

Standard deviation in IQ


Why are most of the mentally handicapped individuals and geniuses males? This is because males have higher standard deviation in IQ as compared to females. Males tend to become intellectually gifted but are also at higher risk.

Vision and scanning


When it comes to peripheral vision, females are superior. However, males have the advantage in scanning their vision. Males see a smaller horizon but they are more knowledgeable of what their eyes have seen.

Spatial cognition


Females are better at many tasks. Their brains are good at it. But when it comes to spatial cognition, most males are better than females. Males’ brains are geared for understanding spatial figures.

Motion sickness


Although females love to travel, they easily get stressed with constant motion especially when pregnant. Males, on the other hand, have higher resistance against motion.

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