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How To Become The Worst Parent Ever In 10 Easy Ways


There are so many ways to raise a child. There are also tons of ways you could reward or punish them. What’s scarier is that there’s a thin line between the right and wrong way in raising a child and sometimes, parents tend to walk the said line.

Here are 10 examples of how to be the worst parent ever.


Giving Your Child A Boob Job Voucher


In the first place, a 7-year old child can’t get a boob job yet. However, this did not stop Sarah Burge, a self-declared human Barbie, from giving her daughter an unusual gift. Poppy received a voucher worth of $10,000 from her mother as a gift for her future boob job. Sarah claimed that her daughter wanted to have big boobs like her so she gave the voucher as a gift. Poppy can’t use the voucher until she reaches the age of 16, the age in which boob jobs are considered legal.


Sending Your Psychotic Son To Russia Alone


Torry Hansen, a woman from Tennessee, made a crucial decision of sending her seven-year-old adopted son alone, back to Russia by plane. Hansen reportedly paid $200 to a man in Moscow to pick up the boy from the airport and send him to the Russian Education and Science Ministry. Artyom Savelyev, according to Hansen, became mentally unstable, violent and had severe psychopathic issues which caused the adoptive mother to send him back. As a result, the Russian government had threatened to suspend all child adoptions by US families.


Leaving Your Child Unattended To Take Care Of A Virtual One


In South Korea, parents of a three-month-old girl became addicted to raising a virtual child named Anima. The couple have spent hours at internet cafes taking care of the said virtual child, leaving their actual baby unattended. Reports said that they lost their will to live after losing their jobs and having a premature baby. Unfortunately, baby died of starvation.


Setting Up A Fight Involving Your Child


This is a big ‘no’ even if your intention to is to settle any differences. A Florida woman named Sandra Padilla Miranda invited her daughter’s enemy to come to their apartment so the two could fight. The two girls, ages 14 and 17, fought each other with the supervision of Miranda. Consequently, Miranda was charged with child abuse. Both girls were also suspended from Boone High School in Orlando.


Giving Your Daughter Botox Injections


This is what a British woman in San Francisco, California did to her 8-year old daughter. Kerry Campbell gave her daughter Britney, Botox injections to help her “get rid of wrinkles” so she can keep up in child beauty pageants. The child admitted that she used to cry when she first received the shots. Lately, the mother accused the British tabloid “The Sun” of paying her to make up her story.


Letting Your Daughter Have Sex For A Mini-Van


This is a sad reality. Parents in central Georgia, Sandra and James, pleaded guilty for encouraging their 14-year old daughter to perform sex with an older man. The older man is Robert Bearden, manager of Shorty’s Used Cars in Eastman. The young girl had to have sexual intercourse with Bearden as monthly payment for their secondhand 1998 Dodge Caravan.


Letting Your Kid Drive Because You’re Too Drunk


An eight-year old boy had to drive their car back home because his father was too drunk. Billy Joe Madden made his son drive so he can take a nap. His other child, a four-year-old baby, was seen sitting at the backset without a seatbelt. Madden was already intoxicated when he made the unwise decision.


Challening Your Child To A Sword Fight


A duel between a father and a daughter happened in Seattle, Washington. Fremon Seay, punished her daughter by fighting with her in a duel using a wooden sword and armor. The fight lasted for two hours, before the child collapsed from exhaustion. Officers said that Seay even punched and beat his daughter prior to their duel. Everything happened because the teenage girl failed to ask permission from parents to attend to a party.


Leaving Your Child Alone In A Public Place


Eight-month old Ezra Isiah Reyes had no idea what was going on but he suffered the consequence of his parents’ feud The little baby boy was left dehydrated under the sun, on a hot concrete, in E.161st St parking lot. A street vendor named Lorenzo Carse found the baby in his stroller. Ezra was left after each of his parents thought the other had him. His mother only realized the baby was missing after arriving home.


Forcing Your Son To Wear An Embarrassing Sign In Public


In the streets of Tampa Bay, Florida, 15-year-old James Mond III once walked with an embarrassing sign around his neck. Ronda Holmer, James’ mother, wrote the text that was seen on the sign. She resorted to the punishment after his son failed in his P.E. class and had a GPA of 1.22.

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