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18 of the most Beautiful Caves in the World


Caves can be either man-made or naturally crafted by nature. Whatever the reason for its existence, caves can offer great surprises. They present the beauty of nature and various natural formations that require many years to form.

So, if you ever wish to schedule an adventurous visit to any country, we have listed 18 beautiful caves for you to explore. These caves should never be missed in your itinerary.

Ice Cave, Iceland


There are many ice caves in Alaska, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, and other places in the world. But out of all of them, those in Iceland are considered to be the most beautiful of them all. This Blue Cave in Iceland has 8 meters of thick ice above it. This ice is around 1,200 years old.

Batu Caves, Malaysia


Batu Caves in Malaysia are popular among Hindu people as a shrine dedicated to the Lord Murugan. It is one of the most popular outside of India. The caves are made by the limestone hill and get its name from Batu River which flows past the hill. Batu Cave is also the focal point of the Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

Naica Mine, Mexico


The Naica Mine is a working mine which mines lead, zinc, and silver, and the largest lead producer in Mexico. The mine also has a rich supply of selenite (gypsum). Caverns that are as large as 4 ft in diameter and 50 ft in length are very common inside the mine.

Ice Cave near the Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia


In Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, fire and ice meet. The result is an underground nature’s beauty. The Mutnovsky volcano is feeding the cave with volcanic hot springs which causes the thinning of ice from above. Sunlight is filtered by the ice before it penetrates inside the cave.

Temimina Cave, Brazil


Located inside the Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira (PETAR) in Brazil, Temimina Cave has its own attractions. One of these tourist attractions is the one named “The Shower” because of its form. Another one is the end of the cave to a cliff with a jungle below.

Blue Cave, Croatia


The Blue Cave is also known as the Blue Grotto. It is a sea cave in a small bay Balun, on the east side of Bisevo island. It was Baron Eugen von Ransonet who first described and painted the cave which was once accessible only by diving. The cave receives up to 10,000 tourist visits every year.

Cave Devetashka, Bulgaria


Cave Devetashka is the home to about 30,000 bats. It can be reached through a narrow path by the river from the village of Devetaki. The cave has been the home to different species like mammals and humans. The movie The Expendables 2 filmed inside the Cave Devetashka.

Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia


Jenolan Cave is the most visited of the similar groups of limestone caves in Australia. It is the most ancient discovered open caves in the world. It’s located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in New South Wales, Australia. The caves have eleven illuminated show caves open to paying visitors.

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam


Also known as the Hang Son Doong, Son Doong Cave near the Vietnam-Laos border is the largest known cave passageway cross-section in the world as of 2009. The cave features fast-flowing subterranean river in the inside. It became internationally known in 2009 when cavers from the British Cave Research Association conducted a survey in the area. The cave runs for about 9 kilometers. It has some of the tallest stalagmites in the world reaching as high as 70 meters.

Kangaroo Island Caves, South Australia


In Kangaroo Island, South Australia, you can find various caves. These caves are located inside the Kelly Hill Conservation Park in Kangaroo Island. Some of these caves have shores at the other end of the cave.

Morro Preto Cave, Brazil


Located inside the 35,712 hectares of Alto Ribeira State and Tourist Park, the Morro Preto Cave in Brazil has a beautiful cave mouth. There are traces of prehistoric habitation found inside the cave.

Friouato Cave, Morocco


Only 272 meters are explored under the Friouato Cave in Morocco despite the fact that its limits are still a mystery. Some believe that it is about 6 kilometers in length with an underground river. Villagers nearby claimed to have seen explorers entering the cave but never coming back out again.

Devil’s Throat Cave, Bulgaria


Dyavolsko Garlo is another name given to the Devil’s Throat Cave. It is located near the Bulgarian border with Greece. It’s a popular tourist destination in Bulgaria.

Postojna Cave, Slovenia


At an amazing length of 24,120 meters, Postojna Cave is the second longest cave system in Slovenia. The caves were formed by the Pivka River. It was first described in the 17th century by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor who made a pioneer study of the karst phenomena.

Cavernas De Marmol, Chile


Chile’s very own Cavernas De Marmol, or the Marble Cave, is a gorgeous geological formation of unusual beauty. The caves are pure marble formed and designed by the deep blue water of Carrera Lake. Tourists who wish to visit the cave can rent boats from Puerto Tranquilo and take a guided tour.

Skocjan Cave, Slovenia


Skocjan Cave is now part of the UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage site since 1986. It is considered to have one of the most significant underground phenomena in both the Karst region and Slovenia. It has an explored length of 6,200 meters.

Reed Flute Cave, Guangxi, China


Reed Flute Cave offers a wonderful display of artificial multicolored lights to provide illumination inside the cave. It has various formations. Inside it are the 70 inscriptions which date back to the Tang Dynasty in 792 AD. The inscriptions prove that the cave has been an attraction since ancient times.

Saeva Dupka, Bulgaria


In northern Bulgaria lies a cave with some of the most beautiful cave formations. The Saeva Dupka once served as a hiding place during the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria. Excavations even prove that the cave was inhabited since the Roman times. Save Dupka also hosted several choral music performances.

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