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6 Things to Avoid for a Good Looking Beard

A beard can make you look very manly. Only men can get facial hair to look good unlike with women. However, not all men get the chance to grow a good looking beard. Unfortunately for some, they have to accept that they may never get to grow a good looking beard or look good with a beard.

These are six things to check and avoid if you want to grow that manly facial hair and make it look good.

Bald Spots


If you get into a fight or an accident and get hit in your face, chances are there will be bald spots as your doctor will most likely apply something to repair the damaged area. So it is best to avoid damaging or exposing your face to any harm if you want your face to grow a full beard without any bald spaces. Otherwise, no beard can look good with empty spaces in it.

Neck Beard


Neck beards doesn’t generally look good for most men. The growth starts from your jawline and slowly travels south then it may continue down to your body making it look like body hair instead of a beard. You may try to shave the excess beard in the unwanted areas but sooner than later, hair will grow back fast that shaving it makes it just a waste of time instead.



Patchy beard is one common problem affecting a large percentage of the entire bearded population. This is shown as a face looking like a poorly watered lawn rather than a lush forest. If this happens to you, it is better to plan for some landscaping and that is to clear them out.

Shia Pubey


This is characterized by scraggily, fuzzy and strangely straight facial hair that does not look good. It gives the perception of an unwashed and an unruly face. That kind of beard together with your looks may send girls running for the hills to take refuge.

All the colors


Some grey hair would be catchy but having more than two shades sprouting from your beard isn’t good at all. Colorful beards will appear unhygienic and that the person has dirty habits. Beard can absorb and display other colors when it is stained from cigarettes, food, etc. Even if you think that it looks good and unique, the general populace, especially girls do not. So you better ditch it ASAP.

Puberty beard


It is better to shave it when all you’ve got are some few hairs and whiskers which can be easily counted. Remember that you are no longer a high school freshman or sophomore. Your grandma may even more capable at growing beard than you.

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