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10 Surprises that will greet you in the Australian Outback

Australia, or often referred to as Down Under, is one of the biggest countries in the world. The outback, desert or semi-arid lands, comprise much of the country. It extends from the central region to the western. The outback is mostly uninhabited making it virtually a wilderness.

But your journey to the outback will never be a boring one. In fact, lots of things are waiting to surprise you on your visit. Here are 10 of these surprises.



Kangaroos are like symbols of Australia. They are abundant in almost all parts of the country. In the outback of the Down Under, kangaroos are in large mobs and they can freely roam as they please.

Rock Formations


Gorgeous rock formations are throughout Australia. Each formation has a unique story to tell. Others are even made by aboriginal spirits living in them.

The Pinnacles


The Pinnacles are limestone formations within the Nambung National Park in Western Australia. A theory of their formation states that these were once seashells which became limestone sand and blown inland.



The big red rock at the center of the barren outback landscape is known as Uluru. The sandstone is believed to be 700 million years old and is a sacred place for Australian aboriginals.



They are large and flightless birds of Australia. Emus are only available in the country/continent. It is uncommon to see them in a group running along the side of the road.

Extra Fuel


Be very prepared whenever you enjoy yourself in the outback of the country. Your preparation must include extra fuel at all times, or else you’ll get stuck in the middle of nowhere.



This is one very dangerous job to do. You can do it on foot, but have pity on yourself if you do. Most people do the job by horseback, by vehicle or by aircraft.

Strange Surprise


The wilderness will always surprise you. The trash, strange and twisted metals and other materials are left to rot helplessly.

Feral Camels


Feral camels are native to Australia. They had a dramatic reduction in population from about 1 million in 2008 to only 300,000 in 2013. The government developed a program to rescue the camels from extinction.

Storms from far away

A journey in the outback allows anyone to see a very wide horizon from all sides. The wide expanse even allows you to you see developing storms from all sides.

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