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20 Best Augmented Reality Games and Apps To Kill Your Boredom

20 Best AR Games and Apps 1

Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept that was once an impossible. It uses the combination of both the virtual and the reality worlds.

The most celebrated Augmented Reality game today is undoubtedly “Pokemon GO”, which was launched by Nintendo and Niantic in July this year. However, not many people know that “Pokemon GO” is actually inspired from other augmented reality games.

Here we listed down twenty of the best Augmented Reality-based games and apps we have today.


Pokemon GO

20 Best AR Games and Apps 2

It is the game responsible for bringing AR games into the mainstream media. This game has captured the interests of mobile gamers and Pokemon fans around the world. It uses GPS to allow the in-app avatar to move from place to place, catching Pokemon.

The game uses the camera of the phone as the player moves and makes Pokemon appear in the real world. Niantic, the game developer, is expected to be adding more features for the game, as well as making the game available in more countries.


Ink Hunter

20 Best AR Games and Apps 3

Ink Hunter allows the user to see how a tattoo will look like in any body part before it is inked permanently. It has built-in tattoo designs but also allows you to add yours. The app helps you see the actual look of the tattoo in any position and in any body part you wish. You have no worries that the ink won’t look good on you once you use the app.

However, the app is currently available for iOS devices only but there are plans to make it available to Android and Windows phones soon.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 4

WallaMe is a unique app that allows you to leave hidden messages in any location where you’ve been. The messages are only visible to WallaMe users using their camera, only if you make it public. Non-users of WallaMe are unaware of those hidden messages left by users in that location. This app is good to keep your memories in a particular location which you want to be private from everybody else.


Star Chart

20 Best AR Games and Apps 5

Ever wonder what those beautiful stars you usually see are called? There’s no need to Google. Open this app and point your phone to the stars. Star Chart will tell you the names of the stars and constellations visible on your phone.The app will even tell you of its location thousands of years ago, or of its future location. Plus, you can do this even in broad daylight.


Google Translate

20 Best AR Games and Apps 6

Don’t understand the text you are reading in a different language? No worries. Take a photo of the text and Google Translate will tell you what it means in your preferred language. Plus, the app will even give you other variations of the translation of the text. If you have plans for a vacation abroad where a different language is used, Google Translate could be handy.


Wikitude World Browser

20 Best AR Games and Apps 7

Wikitude is another educational and helpful app. It is even considered the “king of augmented reality browsers.” The app will give you many geographically-oriented information from about 3,500 providers whenever you open your camera in a certain location.

The app provides different information about the places you’ve been in your travel. Plus, you can see where the nearest ATMs, hotels and other establishment are located.


Yelp Monocle

20 Best AR Games and Apps 8

Are you searching for the best hotels, bars and restaurants in your location? The Yelp Monocle will give you the best answer. The app tells you about the existing business establishments near you plus all the ratings from the people who have visited the place. These ratings will help you sort out the best places to your liking. Do not forget for Yelp Monocle whenever you visit a new place!


Theodolite ($6)

20 Best AR Games and Apps 9

Theodolite is the jack of all trades in terms of surveying a particular landscape. It is excellent for hikers, boaters, golfers, and more. For $6, you can have an accurate estimation of your location. It serves as your GPS, compass, tracker, rangefinder, and more. It also helps you determine distance, height, relative angles and triangulation.


Spyglass ($4)

20 Best AR Games and Apps 10

This app has similarities with Theodolite. Spyglass also turns your phone into a navigation toolkit for the price of $4. It also helps users to determine their location. The app performs functions like inclinometer, speedometer, and altimeter and geo and military format GPS. This app is exclusive to iOS users only.


Augmented Car Finder

20 Best AR Games and Apps 11

Waste no more time searching for your car in a crowded parking area — The Augmented Car Finder will show you exactly where your car is located, as well as the distance and the directions you should take. The app is extremely useful when you are in super crowded parking areas – perfect if you’re attending a game at an arena or a concert. Augmented Car Finder is free for iOS devices and is also available for Android devices.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 12

Ingress is an Augmented Reality game from Niantic, the developer of “Pokemon GO.” The game divides the players in two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance. Team members battle for control over territories. Players gain Exotic Matter (XM) which they can use to take over portals. Ingress was initially developed for Android users only but iOS users can now download too.


SpecTrek ($3)

20 Best AR Games and Apps

Be a Ghostbuster with SpecTrek. This app brings poltergeists to your phone. They invite you to hunt them down using your phone’s camera. The game has statistics, awards, titles, and other built-in features.


SnapShot Showroom

20 Best AR Games and Apps 14

You can now avoid purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit with the design of your home. SnapShot Showroom is an app that will help you see how a furniture looks inside you place. Take a picture of the area where you wish to put the items (like chairs, lamps, beds, tables, etc.) and choose among the many available furniture designs supplied by the app.

The furniture available in the app can be found in IKEA, Pier1 Imports, Crate and Barrel, Horchow, and more. The best part – you can directly order the items on your phone without actually visiting the said stores.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 15

Augment is an app which will help you visualize almost any 3D model. It brings print to life, though the process is a little bit complicated. This app is a big help in deciding where to put a particular item you will wish to purchase.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 16

Quiver transforms your 2D coloring books into animated images. Make sure that the entire image is visible within the peripheral of the camera. The resulting animation also has a corresponding music to add excitement. Quiver is a fun app for both children and adults.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 17

Can’t you find your needed information from a printed material you have? There’s no need to worry. Take a picture of the item and use Layar. It will retrieve all information, including shopping links that are related to the picture.


Sun Seeker ($10)

20 Best AR Games and Apps 18

Where is the sun? It is no longer a big question with Sun Seeker. The app helps determine the sun’s location and path, time of rise and set, and more. You can even choose a date and know the sun’s path on that day. It is very helpful to those whose work require optimal lighting and relative solar angles.


Google SkyMap

20 Best AR Games and Apps 19

Google SkyMap will also tell you about the names and locations of the stars and planets. You can even search for those that are not visible in the phone’s camera. Just raise your phone up and it will display the information you need even if everything is covered by dark clouds. After all, the app is called a SkyMap.


iOnRoad ($1)

20 Best AR Games and Apps 20

Avoid collision with other cars when you use iOnRoad app. It gives you a warning when you are over-speeding or crossing a solid marked line. It also captures snapshots of drivers who dangerously cut you off while changing lanes. Moreover, the app gives you information on your gasoline consumption, speed, velocity, and routes.



20 Best AR Games and Apps 21

SpotCrime doesn’t tell you where an occurring crime is located, but it gives you the historical crime records in an area. Each crime is represented by an icon which gives specific information about the crime. The app could come in handy for tourists and people who wish a secure transport since it will inform users of the most dangerous streets, avenues, and places near you. Since the time of occurrence of the crimes is also given to you, you now have the idea about the safest time to go out.

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