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5 Abs Workout, Diet And Habits To Help You Get Rock Hard Gains


Every man loves to see himself with flattened belly and packs of abs. For this reason, lots of men spend hours in the gym with all of the stuff and workouts to achieve the goal. However, every effort doesn’t matter at all. It does not matter unless you change your eating routines.

Steve Hess, the strength and conditioning coach of NBA team Denver Nuggets, shares only five (5) easy-to-follow tips to get abs faster. You are now ready for any trip to the beach soon.


Balance your Carbs Intake and Utilization


Yehey! You can still take some carbs. Carbs is actually not an enemy, but your good friend to help you in your journey. Carbs, together with protein and healthy fats, helps your body recover after workouts. It replenishes glycogen in your body muscles while proteins help repair and rebuild muscle tissues.

In most cases, carbohydrates with high glycogen index works with protein for new muscle growth. Fibrous carbohydrates are actually good sources for fat loss. Romaine lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, Brussel’s sprouts and cauliflower are best sources of fat loss.


Work out in the morning

early work out

Morning exercises are the best because they help you boost your metabolism and allow you to continue burning calories throughout the day. It is also the time of the day that you are most qualified for a workout. If you find yourself too tired to do the workout in the morning, you are likely to become much tired later in the day after some activities. Thus, you might just skip the exercise instead.


Eat a lot

eat a lot

Many of men refuse to eat the usual meal because it might compromise their goal of having abs. However, Hess says that eating must never be reduced. A full breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks throughout the day are all recommended. It is because when you eat throughout the day, your metabolism keeps working. Thus, it prevents the storage of fat and calories in your body.


Sundays are for cooking

sunday is for cooking

You have to cook a lot because you also have to eat a lot. Hess suggests that Sundays must be the massive cooking day. In fact, he suggested 10 grilled chicken breasts, 10 turkey breasts, 5 flank steaks, a tub of rice, sweet potato or yams, eggs and oatmeal as part of your Sunday meal preparation. This is so worth rejoicing!


Drink lots of water


You will be one of those guys carrying an entire gallon of water. Drinking lots of water will help your metabolism to function effectively. It also helps to flush out your digestive system. As a result, you will sweat more. The more water excretion means lesser water retention will make your abs flourish in full bloom.

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