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9 tell-tale signs that you are ready to propose

When is the right time to propose? This is a good question from men who have experienced pressure from their relatives and peers during a long boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Formerly, this question can be answered with “at the right time.” But when is the right time? How will you know that the time is right for you to pop the question?

These nine signs will give you answer to the question above.

You desire her more than anything else


When you have to choose between hanging out with your friends or a date with your loved one, you know exactly what to do. There is nobody or no group that should come before spending some quality time with her. But if you haven’t felt this yet, then you should consider first where the both of you are in your relationship with each other.

You have earned the respect of her family


These are the people who care for her more than anyone else you know. As her family, they have been living together and caring for her since she was born. When you have gained their respect, then you have achieved one of the important requirements in planning and preparing for a marriage. Their approval is significant not for you but mostly for your partner. If otherwise, then you may be facing quite a problem down the road.

You are confident in your relationship


Feeling the stability and confidence is quite a factor when you consider marriage. You know that both of you have gone through enough that the both of you can handle moving forward in your relationship. A lot of marriage may have happened just because they want to get married but it is wiser that you seriously consider your own status and concerns about marriage as well as your partner’s. If the both of you had made a lot of thinking and consideration then both of may reached the same conclusion in marriage.

You live an orderly and proper life

Marrying your partner is “bringing her into your life”. This means that she now will always be part of everything in your life and you should always consider her opinions and concern as well as fully respect it. That means that if you don’t have a good grip of your life then you may be just adding into the chaos. Your partner does not want to get married, leave her life with her own family just to get into a new but disorganized life. Also, never consider that you can file for a divorce if things won’t get as planned if you truly wish to have a long and happy marriage.

You are ready for the commitment


The life after the ringing the wedding bells is a life beyond anything you can imagine to be in before you are actually living it. It requires a strong and serious commitment of stable and confident man. By now, you should have sound judgment over most, if not all, possible issues in life.

You found a cheerleader


It is extremely important to find someone who understands you, your job, and your being. Why? It is because you need her in your life. She will cheer you up, encourage you, and will help you face any problems in your life. Having her in your life will make it easier for you to face the obstacles of leading a happy marriage.

You are ready to let go of your ego


It is clearly stated, let go of your ego. You need to learn how to be a good listener. Accept constructive criticisms. If you are currently far from those conditions, consult someone first, even your partner will do. You need to resolve yourself in accepting someone in your life as equal partner in everything in your own life. Keep in mind that you are not doing this effort for nothing; you are in it for the path of marriage.

Do not believe that a wife can solve your problems


There is a circulating false belief that a wife is the answer to your daily problems. Many believe that she is the answer to the daily chore of washing the dishes and your clothes, prepare your meal, and more. This is not true. She may be there to help you if you struggle with these but you should never consider her worth based on the labor she can do for you. Remember, she will be an equal partner, not a labourer or employee that you can pay in other forms. Your wife is not a total solution for your any of your struggles but she will always be there to help get to that solution.

She’s going to say “yes”


By this time, you know that she is going to say “yes” when you pop the question. She is prepared for the big change in her life. You know that she is totally believes that you are who she wishes to spend her lifetime with. It is also a better idea for both of you to undergo a pre-engagement counselling to help you assess your relationship before moving forward.

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