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8 Types Of Men That Women Avoid


No man has ever wanted to be turned down by a woman. In most cases, men would go beyond their comfort zones just to create a strong positive impression. But sometimes men can’t help it if they act like foolish, insensitive or rude people, preventing a relationship from being established.

Each woman has a different type of guy– they may go for the boy-next-door, the intellectual, the artist or the bad guy. Not to narrow down men and their qualities into different ideals or archetypes but the reality is, women like what they like. And sometimes, men just can’t fit into the standard because of certain attitudes or habits.

Here we listed down some of the types of men women try to avoid dating.


8) The Misogynist

types of men to avoid

They openly express their disappointment towards women. Even during a date, the misogynist can easily give rude comments to his companion. Insults soon come out from his mouth and they become critical of women’s physical attributes, clothing and/or beliefs in life. Basically, misogynists are the feminists’ worst enemy. If you are one of them, you have to change your attitude towards women. Try to choose your words when expressing what you feel and educate yourself in matters of gender equality, sexism, misogyny and feminism.


7) The Self-Righteous Guy

types of men to avoid

Self-righteous guys are probably the most annoying men to have a date with. They tend to be very judgmental. He may preach to his date about the dos and don’ts in eating or drinking. He can also get very religious and may criticize people based on his archaic views of the world. If you are one of them, remember that you may only give your opinions when you’re already in a relationship. Also, try to be as open-minded as possible and listen to her opinions instead of being overly-critical.


6) The Arguer

types of men to avoid

No woman would want a date turned into a debate. This guy makes any conversation into argumentation. Women do not appreciate guys who agree on everything they say but at the same time, they wouldn’t want someone who interrupts every time they speak or shames her for her opinions. If you are this type of a guy, relax and keep your mind cool. It is fine to share your views but never argue. Or you will forever be tagged as “un-dateable.”


5) The Cheap Guy

types of men to avoid

When you are still trying to pursue her, do not make her feel that you are always on a tight budget. Your first few dates must be with a “loosen purse” so she will also feel she’s special. Some flowers and gifts will also give you better impression.


4) The Flirt

types of men to avoid

The flirt does not give his full attention to the woman he is dating and has a wandering eyes. He would flirt with the waitress, the check-out girl, the flight attendant and just about anyone who could wear a skirt just for the thrill of it. He would then boast about the many women conquests he has had before. For any woman, dating the flirt is embarrassing, disrespectful and disheartening.


3) The Arrogant Guy

types of men to avoid

He has a huge ego. He looks down on anyone whom he believes is inferior to him. While he’s not necessarily rude to the woman he’s dating, his words and actions shows otherwise. If you are this type of guy, remember that your woman is watching over you. She watches how you treat others (it’s their way of knowing how you will treat them in the future). Your insults to other people are indirect insults to her. So cool down and show some respect to everyone around you.


2) The Predictable Guy

types of men to avoid

There are men out there who are set in their ways – they do the same things every day and prefer not to do anything that might disrupt their routines. This could get a little boring, especially if you’re in a relationship. The Predictable Guy is unadventurous and uncreative – even the anniversary gifts and “surprises” tend to be predictable. Women don’t like men whom they can read in a heartbeat. A little mystery makes women curious and therefore, makes them stay and “solve” the said mystery.


1) The Needy Guy

types of men to avoid

This type of guy is overly-emotional and immediately shares what he is feeling (often with no filter). He shares his frustrations and discouragements in life. If you are this guy, check your emotions at the door before going on a date. Do not make her feel that you lack confidence and control over your emotions. Wait for the right time before divulging your insecurities.

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