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7 Do-It-Yourself Disciplines of a Gentleman

A gentleman is every woman’s dream and an image of a role model in the society. So, who would not wish to be one?

Here are seven do-it-yourself disciplines for everyone who wishes to be a gentleman. Enjoy reading and may you succeed in your quest. May every man desire the same and fill this world with a gentleman’s heart.

Live the Golden Rule


Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” The Golden Rule clearly tells us to do things you expect others to do the exact same way to you. It states that the good starts with you, if you expect others to do the same to you. Another one with synonymous meaning is the familiar phrase “you reap what you sow.” The point is clear, a gentleman helps his fellowmen because he believes that it must start from with him.

Dress like how you want to be addressed


There is no single perfect outfit for men, but there is an easy rule of the thumb and that is to dress like how you want to be addressed. You make first impressions with how you look and how the people will address you starts from there. This does not mean you have to be in your formal attire to look respectable at all times. Looking great and proper nowadays is easier and affordable with various clothing chains available.

Act like a gentleman


How you look is never enough to be a true gentleman. In fact, it is how you act matters most. Focus in acting properly and following good manners always. Treat people all the people around you equally and fairly. Some habits and traits that are old-fashioned are worthy to practice and develop. Even a simple act of always smiling to other people and looking at them properly can make the day for someone who needs it. Stay consistent even on days that you feel down and someone down the road might make your day a little bit brighter.

Expand your perception


Travel the world if you have the chance or start exploring the places near you. Understand the ways of life of other people. Experience it and find beauty in it. Fill your minds with great thoughts and expand your understanding about life and other people. Let your travel educate you. With all of these, you can become a better person and a better gentleman.

Know yourself


Know your own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis by heart. Accept them and find ways to use them better in your everyday life. Your true SWOT analysis will inform you of the areas you need to develop, strengthen or maintain.

Be confident


Love yourself and be happy with what you have. Your confidence helps you do a lot of things better and it also helps you uncover your potentials. Know your limits as well and always be aware of them. It is only when you truly know yourself that you can be live confidently.

Be open to opportunities


Now that you have known your SWOT, you have to take advantage of the opportunities that comes into your life. These can come in the form of new opportunities in your career, business partnership, new friends and/or acquaintances, or even opportunities to travel and enjoy new things. Observe your surroundings and be open to what life can offer.

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