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6 Ways To Know If You’re Lusting Over Her Or If You’re Simply In Love


Men are sexual beings. Sometimes, to satisfy our lustful instincts, we hide it under the guise of love. But love and lust are two, different things, although they feel similar. Distinguishing between the two can be quite confusing because sometimes love and lust can interlap.

This list is an attempt to distinguish love from lust. Here are 6 signs you’re definitely not “in lust” with her.


You don’t care about physical appearance


Love does not look into physical appearance. She may not look too good in the eyes of others but in your eyes, she’s the most beautiful person in the world. When you don’t care if she has an hourglass body or flawless skin and your attraction towards her goes beyond what the eyes can see, then you’re definitely not just lusting over her.


You don’t just buy roses


Love pays more value to more important things. Roses and chocolates may sound romantic but they can fade and run out. When you provide her with what she needs, it’s more than just lust.


When you think of her, you don’t think about sex first


Sexual desires in words, thoughts, or actions are not the essence of love. Even when you are alone and you think about her, your thoughts do not directly go to sex. Instead, you think about things you can do in the next time you meet or the things she said.


You are not ashamed to express yourself


Love increases your confidence and decreases your insecurities. You’re in love when you can be comfortable with the other person without worrying about what he or she thinks. When you can laugh even without much reason and can express yourself without much effort, then your relationship is definitely something else.


You do the dirty work for each other


Love is not all about candlelit dinners and romantic movies. Love is more evident when you do the difficult things for your partner. If you catch yourself doing household chores for her or picking up her laundry, you’re definitely in love.


You can spend all night doing nothing


When you’re “in lust”, you can’t last a day without doing the dirty deed with her. However, when your relationship develops into something deeper, an all-night movie marathon is just as good (even better), as long as you’re together.

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