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5 Weird Foods From Other CountriesThat Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart click

If you think “weird foods” means the soup your grandma makes at family gatherings, then you’ve probably never seen the following crazy, unusual and often disgusting dishes. So the next time you think you’re brave to gulp down grandma’s soup without complaining, we recommend you take another look at this article to remember just what true horror looks like when it’s sitting on your plate. Let’s start with number five.


5. Barbecued Bats

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart 1If you want to be more like Ozzy, but aren’t quite ready for the big leagues, your best bet lies in Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, where you can easily find barbecued bats on a stick. However they do come pre-beheaded for pickier customers, as well as their wings turned off beforehand; they usually come seasoned with lots of garlic and chili.

4. Kopi Luwak

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart 2These delicious, red beans are the source of the best coffee in the world according to aficionados from around the globe, and you too can partake in its delightful flavors. That is as long as you’re willing to ignore that before bagging and solding. The beans, eaten partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civet or toddy cat as part of the process to achieve their unique flavor.

3. Fried Rattlesnake/Fried Tarantula/Scorpion Kebabs

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart 3This is quite literally a case of “pick your poison”, though in all their cases their respective toxins, neutralized once fried. That doesn’t mean they still aren’t a terrifying sight to behold on your dinner plate, no seconds please. Especially when you imagine it crawling into your mouth.

2. Balut

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart 4The team torn between this and the last one. On this occasion, we have the Balut, which is a “delicacy” from the Philippines which consists of a duck or chicken embryo served in with the shells. You’d actually be ingesting a boiled half formed little duck, complete with bones, beak and perhaps a few feathers.

1. Live Squid

5 Dishes not for the Faint of Heart 5The dish itself is called Sannakji or Sannakji hoe and served in Korea. The squid cut into small pieces and served hot and still squirming, with a light season of sesame oil. When eating this dish you’re actually recommended to chew thoroughly not to avoid choking.

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