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5 Common Things your Wife Hides from you

Transparency and honesty are very important in a married life. Communication is also an essential part for the success of a relationship. In marriage, where a husband and a wife are considered as one, sharing relevant and essential information about oneself to the other shas to be practiced. But there are some things which wives are not confident to share to their husbands. Here are five of the most common facts your wife may be hiding from you.

Health Concerns


Most women are not so vocal when it comes to their personal health concerns. Your wife may observe a suspicious mole or a lump in her breast but she would prefer to stay mum about it indefinitely or at least until she is sure something is wrong. She is likely to downplay her anxieties and think that it is just a normal thing. According to psychologist Kristen Carpenter, PhD, “women hide worrisome concerns from their spouse to protect their husband from distress.” Carpenter is the Director of Women’s Behavioral Health at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center.

Trouble in the Relationship


Disagreement is common in serious relationships. At some points, the fighting goes beyond normal levels but your wife has the tendency to keep her concerns to herself. And when she can’t handle the stress anymore, some would set up an appointment for a counselling and attend alone. However, the fact remains that a husband needs to be present in the session for both of you to work on the relationship differences.

Sexual Preferences


Your wife may be one of those who don’t usually share and be open about their sexual dissatisfaction. Yes, they are afraid to hurt your feelings as their husbands. As a result, the sexual preferences and problems are not solved. It is suggested that couples should bring the sexual talk outside the bedroom, pay attention to it, and provide solution.

Personal Successes


Wives are not inclined to boasting their personal accomplishments even to their husbands. They don’t usually brag what they achieve. One possible reason for this is that they want to avoid having their husbands feel incompetency or lacking. According to Carpenter, some men feel threatened when their wives achieve more than what they can. But every man has to give credits to the personal successes of their wives.

Bank Accounts


For good reasons, some wives prefer to keep their bank accounts a secret. The reason for this is they want to have an assurance in case of an emergency, especially when their husband is loose with the money he earns. It gives them that feeling of security amidst all the uncertainties of life. Of course, wives do feel the sense of betrayal but since they do it for good reasons, the secret is worth keeping.

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