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5 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Put Your Girlfriend In The Mood

The year 2017 is drawing to a close, but before we get to the part where you’ll promise not to drink any beer or work out more as a New Year’s Resolution, we still have to get to the Christmas part. And that entails a lot of pressure on gift-giving.

If you’re one of the lucky bastards who snagged the perfect girl this year, then that means you have to work extra hard to keep her. And what’s one way to keep a woman? Gifts, dude. Awesome, well-thought out Christmas gifts that will put her in the mood for a little makeout session under the mistletoe.

Here are 5 Christmas gift ideas you can give to your special girl this year:


1.Kimono Dressing Gown

christmas gift ideas

Ever seen too many women wear Kimonos and fluffy slippers while holding a glass of champagne on Instagram? That’s because Kimono night gowns are comfortable AF. Gift your girl with this bad boy, and you’ll surely make her happy. Buy it here.

2. Gemstone Pendant

christmas gift ideas

This pendulum necklace is attached with an energy healing crystal, with 7 layers of gemstones: Natural Amethyst, Natural Lapis Lazuli, Synthetic Aquamarine, Natural Green Aventurine, Natural Yellow Tiger Eye, Natural Red Agate and Natural Red Jasper. Each spiritual colored energy healing crystal is strongly connected with a specific Chakra to raise your vibration and to emit positive flow of energy. If these don’t make her eyes water, we don’t know what will!

3. Unicorn Ring

unicorn ring christmas gift

This may not be an engagement ring, not even a promise ring, but we assure you — it will excite her just as much! We don’t know why but turns out unicorns are a big trend with women these days. Buy it here.

4. Makeup Brush

makeup brush christmas gift ideas for women

If your girl is a makeup-lover, she’ll go crazy over these brushes. They’re soft and comes in different sizes, so it could be used for different purposes, like, powdering and eyeshadows and errr… something. We don’t know exactly, but these kind of brushes are a big hit with the ladies. Buy it here.

5. Rose Gold Watch

watch christmas gift ideas for her

This MVMT Rose Gold Watch is the perfect gift if your girl loves her rose gold jewelry. It looks elegant and to put it succintly, “Instagram-worthy.” Buy it here.

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