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4 Styles To Try In Your Office Holiday Parties

November marks the start of the holiday seasons, whether that’s the annual office Christmas party or the suited-up New Year’s Eve bash.

This year, why don’t you try to amp up your style meter and try any of the following office holiday styles this season:

1. Classic But Casual

So you heard there was going to be a party but you never got the memo on where the venue will be. Here’s where a classic but casual look comes in handy.

This style shows you’re serious about work but you can still hang out with the interns and the rookies — especially the hot ones.

holiday styleholiday style

2. The Millennial Start Up

Your company may be a start-up and the dress code may be a little casual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in a sweater and sneakers.

office partyoffice party

3. The Wall Street Wolf

So you work at a rough law firm or stock exchange at Wall Street. A suit is a suit, no matter what occasion, and it’s better to be well-dressed during a party than look like a Hobo in Manhattan.

office partyoffice party

4. The Creative

If you work at a fashion magazine, an art gallery or in advertising or basically any company that’s inclined to the creative arts, it goes without saying that office holiday parties are more of a fashion runway than about the holiday itself.

For this wondrous occasion, gain the approval of your office fashion police with this look.

office holiday partiesoffice holiday parties

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