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25 Ways To Show You Truly Love Her


Most men aren’t vocal about their emotions. However, most men show their feelings through their actions.

If you’ve been bitten by the love bug but don’t quite know how to express it yet, here are 25 ways you can show her.


1) Make Plans


Your commitment for a long-term relationship with her becomes obvious when you have long-term plans. Initiate an out-of-town getaway with your special girl months from now – this will show her you’re planning to stay in her life for a long time.


2) Respect Her


Treat your girl as an equal being with you. Respect her decisions and listen to her. Get rid of the old notion that women should be “serving” their partners – be proactive and share responsibilities, chores and errands with her. She isn’t your slave to serve you all the time. Show some care and pay attention to her as well.


3) Keep Watch


Check on her from time to time to find out if she’s fine. Make sure that she’s okay. At least, this will give you the chance to help her if she has troubles. It’s also one way of letting her know that you care.


4) Do Not Brag


Whatever good things you have done in the past, do not constantly bring them up. Do not brag about what you have done for her either – this will turn off any girl you’re trying to get into a serious relationship with.


5) Be Honest


Be honest. Do not lie or even hide any relevant issues which may be affecting the relationship. Honesty is the foundation of trust and trust is the foundation of any strong relationship.


6) Be Selfless


Try your best not to be selfish in your relationship. Show some extra care and keep her “in-the-know” with the major developments in your life.


7) Fight / Argue Clean


Fights or argue rationally. Do not go beyond the issue. Attack the issue, not your girl.


8) Be Interested in Her


Remain interested about her at all times. Ask her about her day and show genuine concern about anything that’s bothering her.


9) Be Protective


Show some care and be protective. Do it to keep her away from any harm.


10) Focus on Her


Pay no attention to other girls. Keep your eyes, love, and respect only to her.


11) Do not always agree


Arguing every minute of everyday isn’t healthy but it doesn’t mean agreeing to everything your partner says or does is good either. Learn to say no when necessary. This will keep you sincere and honest with what you feel while in the relationship.


12) Hold Hands


Holding hands together is a simple gesture to reassure your girl that you have no problems with the relationship and that you’re proud to be with her.


13) Consider Her Plans


Do not assume that she is free at all times. Ask for her schedule and whether or not you could spend time together. Listen to her suggestions on where to go or which restaurant to try.


14) Get a Little Bit Jealous


A little jealousy is good. It’s a sign that you love her and that you don’t want to lose her to some guy. However, limit your jealousy so it won’t hurt your relationship.


15) Invest Time With Her


Time is a valuable resource which you can’t get back once you give it away. Investing time in her means you value her and that she’s special.


16) Be True To Yourself


Be true. Do not behave differently when you’re with or without her.


17) Limit You Phone Use When You’re Together


Focus your attention to her. This means you might have to set your mobile phone aside while you’re with her, especially if you’re deep into a conversation.


18) Find Similar Interests With Her


Relationships become stronger when you have similar interests. By this, you enjoy working together.


19) Have A Big Smile


Smile when you are with her. Your smile shows your interest and excitement about her presence.


20) Try to impress her


There’s nothing wrong with trying to impress your girl. Surprise her with the things she likes and loves.


21) Keep Your Good Memories


Keep your good memories together. Remain excited whenever she talks about your previous memories.


22) Split Work Evenly


Appreciate whatever she does for you. Remember the favors she has done for you and do the same for her.


23) Use “We”


Make use of the word “we” instead of “I” or “me.” This shows you are considering her in your actions and decisions.


24) Nick Names


If you are to give her a nickname or a term of endearment, choose a sweet one. Terms of endearment usually makes things even more special – something only the two of you could call each other.


25) Say You Love Her


Say I love you, no matter where you are or who you’re with. When you express your feelings, it assures her of your sincerity.

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