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21 Images showing Statues come to life


Statues are works of art. They are to remember people and events that have become part of the significant past. Also, some of them are expressions of an artist’s views through his talents.

But some statues are a little boring and need real people’s participation to make them lively. Here are 21 statues that come to life with the help of people who appreciate them.

1) The Abduction

images-showing-statues-come-to-life-1 /

This little kid is in the midst of an abduction process. Two men forcefully take the kid holding his little head.

2) Homerun


Turnonnet /

Do you love baseball? A home run is always desired. But a strike to the head won’t make a homerun.

3) Share your drink

images-showing-statues-come-to-life-3 /

Be good to others and share your blessings with them. What you have is what they will also have. Share your drink.

4) Breast check


She’s happy to avail a free breast exam outdoors. Every woman deserves a check for any abnormalities in the breast. But wait, is he a doctor?

5) Carving


This is when man and statue switch roles in a work of art. The creator has become the subject of a new work.

6) Free taste?


This dragon statue tastes a special recipe of a lifetime. Some men would be jealous with it.

7) How to use a phone


This statue has the opportunity to try using a phone. This is something not available during their time.

8) Sexual advance


It’s terrible that this statue can’t express his dismay over this woman’s sexual advances against him.

9) Saved from danger


A woman personally experiences the goodness within this animal after she’s saved from danger.

10) Ooopsss


It’s so bad that even statues do it in public places.

11) Playing with cards


When the world seems so boring, even statues become your playmates. Their turn will also be your turn.

12) Smash


A lesson to learn: do not come close when someone is about to smash hit something. Good thing it’s just a statue.

13) Stomp


You are too little and yet you keep getting close to a giant man, or at least a man standing over something.

14) Choke


Even at the fastfood chains you are not safe against anyone. Don’t get too close.

15) The courtship


How long will it take to court a woman? Will it reach a lifetime when she’s a statue? We guess so.

16) Dancing with him


It’s so lovely to see little kids dancing. And it’s beautiful seeing them even if it’s impossible to take another step.

17) Slap


Make no mistakes the next time around. Follow what is instructed of you or be punished this way.

18) Soft touch


Passersby are treated with a soft touch in this area.

19) That tiny plane


Buddha’s superiority is displayed in this image. A passing plane’s survival is dependent on his fingers alone.

20) The fight


Don’t ever try to bring a statue great anger because if you do, it will go after you. Too bad you’ve got long hair.

21) Strangle hold


This man learns his lesson after a large statue holds him by the neck. He better not repeat what he has done before.

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