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15 Non-Sexual Ways To Turn Her On


Ever heard of the quote: “Seduce my mind and you can have my body”?

Women are wired differently. If you want to make a deeper connection with a woman, you have to have more than just sex to offer. How will you turn her on? It is important for every man to find her soft spot.

Turning a woman doesn’t always need to be sexual. The best way to do it is through simple and little things, setting the weather for both of you, and making her want more.


15) Wear your nice tailored suits


You don’t need to wear it all the time, though. However, when you go out for some events or occasions, do not forget your suits. Today, women hardly see men in their suits. This could catch the eye of the woman you’re trying to seduce.


14) Know a special recipe or two


It’s the 20th century and men should know a thing or two in home-making, specifically, cooking. When men know their way in the kitchen, it sends a signal to women that you can be husband-material. You don’t have to be a master chef but it’s handy to know a recipe or two. Not all the men are inclined to cooking, so if you have the chops to do it, that’s a plus.


13) Learn to cuddle with dogs and cats


Many women love pets, especially dogs and cats so when they see a man who shares the same love, they can’t help but feel attracted. When you’re a good pet owner, it tells women that you’re responsible and caring, which would make you a good partner in life.


12) Help kids like it’s no big deal


Actually, it is not limited to kids. It could be an elderly person, a person with disability, etc. Do your part to help them in simple and little ways. This is a great display of your personality. And to women, a good heart always trumps a good body or face and what better way to show her that than to help others? Plus, it’s good for your spirit!


11) Be creative and do some works of art


You have to be creative, especially when dealing with her. Do not be contented with just the basics but work for something artistic. You can practice some singing, writing or painting. Showcase your personal life and your love for her using these artistic means. Plus, it would be better if you have her as the muse of your works.


10) Walk around the house with just your pants on


It doesn’t matter if you’re half-naked while at home. In fact, she loves it when you walk around the house with only your pants on. A little physical display is a good seduction technique.


9) Put on a T-shirt showing your muscles underneath


Actually, it isn’t the T-shirt that turns her on, it’s the muscles underneath. The T-shirt is just for the purpose of at least covering your body. She loves it when she sees and feels those abs, triceps, and biceps because women are visual creatures, too!


8) Wear glasses


A look straight to the eyes can do a lot of things. That is why it is good to wear glasses that tease her to personally take them off and look straight into your eyes. If nothing’s wrong with your eyes, though, better not wear faux glasses. That just screams “desperate and fake.”


7) Sexy and manly lingering scent


Most women will remember you for what you smell like. What totally gets her is that sexy and manly scent on your clothes which leaves a fresh fragrance when you leave. She will remember you and will remember you whenever she smells the same fragrance.


6) Make her laugh


Women love to laugh and love to feel good about themselves. Thus, one way of seducing her is to display a good sense of humor and make her laugh. People who are positive and have a power to make others feel good are always the ones who attract the best kind of people. You don’t have to be a comic to be funny – just listen, observe and respond in a light-mannered way. When you do a successful job at lightening her up after a long day, you’re doing a great job at seducing her.


5) Go for a jog


Jogging does not only make you healthy, it can also be very appealing to women. This will tell her you’re taking care of yourself. Plus, if she’s not a health nut, seeing you do something good for your body just might inspire her to do the same. Who knows? Maybe the two of you can jog together.


4) Carry yourself intelligently


Educate yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to have a master’s degree, though. It simply means you should be well-read or aware of your surroundings, as well as current events. Inform yourself with matters of politics, sociology and other relevant topics. This will give you tons of things to talk about. Don’t have to assert your intelligence by looking down on others, though. It will only make you look arrogant in her eyes.


3) Be a man in uniform


Women can’t resist men in uniform – policemen, soldiers, firefighters, etc. When you are a man in uniform, it shows that you have the courage and the heart to help your countrymen. This could be very appealing to women and might land you a few dates.


2) Go on an adventure with her


Treat her to any out-of-town visits and find adventure. You can explore caves, go mountain climbing, biking or simply wandering around and enjoying nature together. To most women, an adventurous man is a man worth knowing.


1) Use a low and sexy voice


Your voice is another thing that will turn her on. A low and sexy voice sends a biological signal to women, telling them that you can be a great mate. So, if you want to catch her attention, use a lower and smoldering tone. Try to use the other techniques with this and she’ll be yours in no time.

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