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11 Things about men that easily turn off women

First impressions last. Yes, though these impressions may change over time but it will definitely remain in the memory of women. This is one reason why it is very important to make good impressions.

Here are the 11 turn offs to avoid.

Inconsiderate Men


The most basic measurement for women to determine their value is the amount of attention they receive. Women gets easily discouraged when the amount of attention you are giving her is declining as the period of your relationship progresses. They also cannot stand it when you dismiss important things or occasions for things other than her.

Wannabe Big Shot


Most women aren’t after men who have the biggest and the best of everything. This is contrary to the belief of many men. Some men intentionally brag about themselves and even pretend to be someone they are not. They thought that it can make them more attractive and interesting, but it is actually a turn-off for women.

Excessive Self-Admiration


Women find it boring spending time with a man who never stops praising himself. It is good to spend time knowing each other but when a man can’t help but brag, it shows that he is only interested in himself and expects women to think the same.

Swagger than Substance


Men who talk too much and have their minds completely away from reality are big turn off for women. These are types of men who wants to make women believe that they are somebody in high class thinking that it will make them irresistible. An example is the man who picks up a BMW in a rental shop and pretends to own it.

Treats Women as Sex Objects


It is a total turn off for women when they sense that they are treated as a sex object. They hate it either you’re on a first date or in a 10-year marriage. Men who treat women as sex objects often give focus on any sexually explicit stories he had with his previous relationships. On the other side, men should understand that women want to be caressed, complimented and shown affection even outside the bedroom.

Straight-Up Chauvinism


A lot of men consider themselves superior than women. They often give belittling title to women they meet. Some of these titles include “Little Lady” for a cashier, “Darling” for a waitress, and “Sweet Cheeks” for a bartender. They may sound sweet but are no longer acceptable in a community which pushes for gender equality.

Not Helping Out


Raising kids and doing the household chores are not limited to women alone. Despite this, many men are still not helping out. These men are overwhelmed by their role as the head of the family. They still pay attention to the old notion that handing these to their partners thinking that it is a woman’s job. These men are total turn-off for women.

Ogling Other Women


The overly flirtatious men are best turn off for a woman. Though it is normal to look at someone, staring and flirting are beyond the limits. As for men, it is fine to look but just pretend that you do not notice anything.

Boorish Behavior


Stop any boorish behavior. Stop using vulgar language, getting drunk, or dominating conversations. Be a gentleman and approach her respectfully.

Poor Grooming Habits


The importance of a proper hygiene is a must to keep women to like you. But it doesn’t end there. Beyond hygiene, women are turned off when men pay less or no attention to their grooming. Women also take notice of pot bellies, dirty fingernails, rumpled clothes, and dishevelled hair among others.

Bad Pickup Lines


A guy who is naturally funny is a good thing. However, those who try very hard to become one are in big danger of throwing bad and offensive pickup lines. These kinds of blows are real turn off for women.

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